Bra Shopping: A New Moms Worst Nightmare

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There are so many things about being a woman – charm, confidence, independence, smartness, appeal and of course, your physicality.

When we talk about the physical frame, it may come in all shapes and sizes. You could be skinny, slim, medium built, pear-shaped, straight, hourglass or simply voluptuous.

Now, if you happen to belong to the last category like me, you might get compliments for being curvy, well-endowed and what not. But you would also agree that it has got some flip sides to it, and one of them is to never find the bras that fit you perfectly.

And now that I am a mum to a little baby, my ever-gorged mighty boobs are at war with the teeny-weeny piece of clothing that tirelessly tries to keep them in place.

And that is why I am so desperate to lay my hands on a really good bra that would fit me like a dream. But I am close to realising that it only happens to the mannequins lodged outside the lingerie stores or in those glossy print adverts… never in real life.

Bra-Buying Woes

Now, let me tell you just why bra shopping is a hellish experience for women on the curvier end of the spectrum. Till date, I have never gotten lucky with buying bras. And the case remains the same – whether the bra is store-bought or purchased online.

After the daily drill of rearing and nurturing my baby, checking out bras in the store is too exhausting an affair.

Firstly, you’ve got to put so much effort into removing so many layers of clothing, only to realize that the bras are pathetic and do not fit well.

Secondly, the sheer variety and make of the bras send you into a tizzy. Padded, push-ups, wired, balcony, full-cup, demi-cup, seamless, contoured, hooks, bands – the knowledge of them all is no less than completing a thesis on bra-buying. By the time you have tried them all, you are ready to drop dead in that tiny changing room.

Thirdly, after you have finally laid your hands on that near-perfect bra that gives your girls a decent coverage and support, you realize that your choice of colour is unavailable. You might have to live with that dull beige, and not some dark or funky colour that would add some glamour to your appearance.

Bra-Fitting Services – The Ultimate Bra-Goddesses

They say people change, but bra-shopping experiences? Not so much. They always go somewhat like this: It is when I am roaming in the bra section of the super-store, looking desolate and lost, that there appears a bra-fitting specialist who is only too keen to help me out in finding the right fit.

To start with, there is a long and animated lecture on bra-sizing, which I pretend to understand and nod to vigorously. But in truth, I understand nothing. I don’t seem to follow the bra-sizing nomenclatures like a DD or a DDD, or a DDDD size, which are also called E, F and G by the way. Maybe the makers of these bras wanted to invent their own mathematics to have a superior air about themselves and mollycoddle us into buying their products!

Then, as I get to try the ‘perfect’ ones suggested by the fitting specialist, I am full of anticipation. But soon it wanes off because either I don’t like their imperfect fittings or the colour is wrong.

To make things worse, the pushy bra-fitter almost barges inside the dressing cubicle while I am standing half-naked and totally unprepared for all the fitting assessment and inspection that she does with her hands and tapes.

However, with an air of finality, she manages to hand me the ugliest looking pair of bras. I am so wary of buying those; constantly worried if there will be spillage from the sides, or if my boobs will decide to pop out of them when I bend down. She escorts me to the billing counter so that I don’t have an escape.

Of course, I go back a week later to return it, my boobs awkwardly resting on the droopy old pair of bra.

And that is how another ordeal starts, in another store, someplace else, to find that elusive ‘perfectly-fitting’ bra, with a renewed hope and diminished energy.

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