7 Women Explain What Their Pregnancy Breasts Actually Feel Like

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Several things happen to your body when you are pregnant. Morning sickness, backaches, swollen feet, and mood swings are just a few of the most common pregnancy symptoms every woman experiences. Some of these symptoms are more obvious than others, and some are talked about pretty often. They can be uncomfortable and even painful to deal with during those nine months. While morning sickness and nausea are referenced by the media and pop culture a lot, some aspects of pregnancy are not given the same importance. Breast tenderness may be one of them. It’s a common symptom of pregnancy but is not something that is talked about as often. So today, we bring to you seven women who keep it real and explain what their pregnancy breasts actually feel like:

1. Bigger Is Not Always Better

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“As a small chested woman, I had always wished for bigger breasts. When I became pregnant, the first change I noticed in my body was my breasts becoming heavier and bigger. I thought it would make me happy, but boy was I wrong! I really didn’t enjoy the bigger breasts. I hated taking off my bra because my breasts would touch my stomach. It was awkward and strange to look at myself with such big breasts.” – Gabriel, 32

2. Sensual And Sensitive

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“For someone like me who loves to get naughty between the sheets, my breasts have always been a huge erogenous zone. All my partner had to do to turn me on was graze his arms on my chest. When I became pregnant, this only got worse. My breasts became fuller, and my nipples became super sensitive. Even while breastfeeding, I would feel an unwarranted urge and become aroused. Whenever anything touched my nipples (even if that was water), I would feel sensitive and aroused. It was not fun.” – Jackie, 31

3. Chest Workout

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“Have you ever worked out rigorously at the gym and ended up with body pains the next day? That’s what it felt like. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year, and I didn’t realize that I was until my breasts started becoming sore. I thought it was because of my workout. But after about a week of being sore, I had my doubts. I got a home pregnancy kit and checked. I tested positive! My breasts grew throughout my pregnancy, and my husband reminded me every chance he got.” – Katlyn, 28

4. Evolutionary Breasts

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“My breasts transformed throughout my pregnancy. They changed from hard little apples to big, juicy, and easily bruised mangoes in the first trimester. They were sore and tight all the time. The pain didn’t make it better. I had a constant prickly pain that would get worse even with a slight touch, jab, or brush against my breasts. Even taking a shower became painful. During my second trimester, they got much bigger than before. I had to upgrade my bra to a bigger size. They were also extremely itchy. Now, in my third trimester, they are so big that it feels like they are going to spill out any minute.” – Amanda, 36

5. Make Some Room

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“My breast size went from 32B to 36C during my pregnancy. It was a big change. I was always small-chested and was comfortable with them. But during my pregnancy, so much changed. My breasts not only changed physically, but my relationship with them changed too. From being an erogenous region, it became the source of food for my baby. I felt different, and it took a long time for me to feel the way I did before pregnancy.” – Catherine, 33

6. Hugs Can Be Painful

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“My breasts became so sore during my pregnancy that I had to back away from hugs (which I loved) to avoid the pain. From being a B cup to wearing C and even D during my third trimester, my breasts grew a lot. They were sensitive and heavy too.” – Marla, 36

7. Almost An Explosion

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“Being pregnant is no joke. My breasts were very sore and super sensitive throughout my pregnancy. I felt like they were about to explode! Every tiny brush against my breasts was harrowing. I couldn’t touch them and had to be extra careful even while pouring water on them (during showers) because that’s how painful and sensitive they were.” – Susan, 40

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body, and it’s time we start to accept that. During those nine months, several painful and uncomfortable changes occur in your body, and it can take a long time for you to recover. Your breasts also transform as they prepare for childbirth and nursing, taking a long time to heal completely even after delivery. What changes did you go through during pregnancy? Was it the “breast” experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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