I Am Not Able To Breastfeed My Baby And The Guilt Is Killing Me

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The birth of my daughter was the happiest moment of my life! Holding the little red and crying baby for the first time in my arms filled me with the kind of joy I had never felt before; I never thought existed. Even though I was extremely happy, I had no idea that my feelings of elation would be followed by tears of guilt.

Here’s the thing. I was prepared to breastfeed my infant from the word go! I had done my reading and had even taken lessons on how to breastfeed the right way. When my daughter came into this world, I really thought that breastfeeding her would be the most natural thing to my new-found motherhood. But I was wrong.

My pregnancy was complicated due to my PCOS history and, as a result, my milk supply was affected. I wasn’t able to produce as much breast milk as my baby needed and this really took a toll both on me and my little one. Almost all attempts at breastfeeding my child ended in her crying as she wasn’t full and it broke my heart to watch her that way.

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Day by day, my guilt increased as no matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t give her what she rightfully deserved. The guilt killed me more because every other mother I had known had faced no such trouble at all, and I couldn’t help but wonder –

‘Why me? It’s my fault that my baby is not getting the nutrition she requires.’

I spent nights and days blaming myself. I thought of bottle-feeding my girl but I was part of a family where bottle-feeding wasn’t looked upon favorably and me doing it would just add to my guilt. At this juncture in my life, I had no way out but to visit a lactation consultant.

I booked an appointment with the best one in town. Time was of the essence and I couldn’t waste another day knowing that the insufficient breast milk could hamper the growth of my baby. I explained my problem to the lactation consultant and she told me that I wasn’t alone. That my problem was fairly common and that most importantly –

My lactation problem could be addressed!

She asked me to try a lactation supplement that could boost my milk supply to some extent. I asked her for a recommendation and she suggested I go for an Ayurvedic one as I am not a fan of chemical-based supplements. She prescribed Zandu’s Striveda stating it had helped a lot of other mothers with similar issues.

This filled me with a new sense of hope! I got myself a jar of Sriveda and followed the instructions religiously – mixing 1 to 2 tablespoons in a glass of milk and having it daily for a month.

Slowly and steadily, my milk supply got better. Feeding sessions seemed easier than before and my daughter looked happy with her feed. You might want to consult your doctor on how grave the lactation issue is. But this supplement worked for me. I can’t tell you how relieved I am now that I have figured out ways to keep my baby well-fed and comfortable. I really owe it all to Zandu’s Striveda. There’s a reason this brand is so trusted among nursing mothers. Plus, Striveda is Ayurvedic (made of the herb of Satavari) and clinically tested, which makes it very safe for lactating mothers like me. And, it’s not even expensive!

Fellow nursing moms, if you are facing lactation issues as I did, do not panic. It is all a part of motherhood. You can fix it slowly and steadily. All that matters is the good health of you and your baby.

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