10 Breathtaking Photos Of Babies Born In Amniotic Sac

10 Breathtaking Photos Of Babies Born In Amniotic Sac-Top

Image Source: Australian Doula College

1. Birth photographer Lacey Barratt captured this incredible shot of baby born en caul or within the amniotic sac. In her words –  “Sometimes, babies are born en caul — what’s so scary about that?! I believe too many mums suffer the repercussions of artificial rupture of membranes instead of letting them birth how their body leads them to.”

2. The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers rated this image by Leilani Rogers as one of the best photos of the year. Leilani captured the exact moment of the baby’s arrival. The picture clearly shows the entire newborn with head, legs, arms, everything.


Image Source: PhotosByLei.com

3. This image of a water birth at home was captured by Jessica Peterson of One Tree Photography. She took the shots as soon as the baby made its way into the water. In the next image which is sequential to this birth picture, Jessica has also captured the time when the baby’s membrane was being peeled off.

One Tree Photography

Image Source: One Tree Photography

4. In the sequence to the previous image, here you can see Jessica capturing the moment when the midwives were peeling off the membrane as advised by the doctors.


Image Source: One Tree Photography

5. This baby’s face is wrapped in the membrane and is yet to be punctured. The picture captured by Ashley Renee of Beautiful Beginnings Birth gets a beautiful shot of the baby’s face still in the membrane.

6. This baby was born with the membrane entirely intact. The baby is all curled up in the membrane totally unaware of the fact that it has arrived into the world. Before the baby could be pulled out from the membranes, cleaned, checked and measured, the doula photographer took this beautiful snapshot.

7. This baby boy was also born in the full membrane. The father of this tiny guy later reported that he’s doing perfectly fine today.

Tech Boys

Image Source: Tech Boys

8. This photograph by Desiree Chapman shows a baby boy born en caul in a water birth. Apparently the membrane was already ruptured during birth. The mother realised that it would have been a much more painful birth.

Bella Mia Portraits

Image Source: Bella Mia Portraits

9. It was moments after birth when photographer Lynsey Stone caught this image exactly at the time when the midwife began to peel the membrane off the baby.

10. This baby boy called Nolan was born en caul or ‘with a veil’. His mother Barbara Demske shares that she had no idea that her son was ‘veiled’ at the time of birth and that it is only from the picture and her doula that she realized it happened.

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