10 Breathtaking Photos Of Mothers Breast-Feeding Their Babies - Wow!

Being a mother is as close as it can get to witnessing magic. The way this little cherub grows in the womb in just nine months is marvelous. And the magic doesn’t end there! The way they smile at you, the way they cuddle, their babbles and chuckles, their chubby cheeks and tiny toes… everything seems like a miracle unfolding in front of your eyes.

I have often seen babies being so beautiful that the thought of letting the moment evade without capturing it on a camera is heartbreaking. I want to record every moment, every expression, every sound that makes new mothers feel proud of their creation.

Another important aspect of motherhood is nursing the baby. Mothers can’t stop reminiscing their breastfeeding experiences. Being a mother myself, I know, it is the most gratifying one.

Though breastfeeding is a highly talked about subject among mothers, there are not many pictures documenting the beauty of this act. The look on a woman’s face when her baby is latched to her bosom is priceless. Words fail to do justice to that expression. And that’s when pictures come into picture.

American photographer Ivette Ivens beautifully captures the inner consciousness of nursing mothers in these ten breathtaking photographs. Each of them seems like a scene straight out of a fairytale. Mothers all around the world will not just relate to these pictures but will feel honored too.

Ivette Ivens has been clicking breastfeeding mothers around the world in an attempt to raise awareness against the stigma related to breastfeeding. She quotes “I believe that the more people look at these photos, the more they’ll understand that breastfeeding is a natural thing, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Birthing a baby is not easy, and every woman who does this is phenomenal in her own way. A heartfelt salute to all moms reading this. You are the source of this magic!

Hold your breath while we show you the best breastfeeding pictures of all time.


Image: ivetteivens/Instagram

What can be more beautiful than this?


Image: ivetteivens/Instagram

Mimi – A burn-survivor, mother and a warrior!


Image: ivetteivens/Instagram

There’s a reason they say ‘Motherhood is bliss.’


Image: ivetteivens/Instagram

Every mother is gorgeous. And this photograph just proves that.


Image: ivetteivens/Instagram

There’s nothing as natural as breast-feeding. Look, it’s a totally normal thing!


Image: ivetteivens/Instagram

This is what a perfect mother looks like.


Image: ivetteivens/Instagram

If not for a mother, how would we know the power of unconditional love?


Image: ivetteivens/Instagram

Photographer Ivens calls this “Liquid Love.” And we couldn’t find a better phrase to do justice to this picture.


Image: ivetteivens/Instagram

This the closest we could come to witness real-life goddesses.


Image: ivetteivens/Instagram

Look at the delightful expression on this mother’s face when her new born latches for the first time.

These are not just pictures; they are stories woven in expressions. They are what motherhood is all about. It’s time we look at the natural process of breastfeeding in a new light and help mothers get more comfortable in their skin.

Ivette Ivena is a mother of two who has nursed her son till the age of three. The landscape that Ivenes uses in her photographs does complete justice to what they symbolize – motherhood in it’s natural form. The outdoor setting is a reminder that latching your baby to the breast is “a totally normal thing.” Ivena has also published a photo-book called Breastfeeding Goddess featuring some of her best works.

I know you can’t wait to take a second glance at those magical pictures. Getting over them is next to impossible. So go ahead, let the beauty of mothering sync in. Also, let’s break the barriers of shame associated with breastfeeding and accept this phase in its complete glory. We owe this to ourselves, our babies and our beautiful bodies.

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