Breathtaking Video Of An Unborn Baby: Scary Yet Cool!

When it comes to imagining the visage of your unborn child, there isn’t a single parent who isn’t simply mighty curious. Some soon-to-be mommies are counting down each day until their next ultrasound appointment, in anticipation of getting another, tragically short, glimpse of their unborn love. A few pregnant women are even willing to splurge on a fancy and advanced 3-D ultrasound.

These scans are able to show the pictures of the little human growing inside your womb in three dimensions. Some might accuse the 2-D scans of making your little womb tenant look more creepy and squishy than cute. But rest assured, we don’t judge you mommy. No one can really blame you for being disappointed by the grey and supremely blurry outlines that the traditional 2-D ultrasound provides.

But now, in the baby market, there is available a truly advanced method for catching a glimpse of your little one. This state-of-the-art scan technology is at the moment under development by an international group of researchers, the iFIND project, from Italy, England and Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

A British parenting website that frequently uses video multimedia, Channel Mum, released this exciting video footage of a fetus still inside his or her mummy’s womb! And this clip has taken the internet by storm. Can we blame the online denizens though? The clip showcases video footage that utilizes ground breaking technology and intensely, intricate algorithms which allow the viewer to observe the womb in its entirety in amazingly distinct detail! Go ahead and for the first time ever, check out a 20 something weeks odd unborn baby stretch, kick, swallow and even amuse himself by frolicking with his umbilical cord right inside his mom’s womb!

Be warned, however, with each (supremely endearing) head-butt and spontaneous kick captured in this video; you may experience flashbacks to your own special time of pregnancy. You will know very soon the time we’re talking about- that very time where you were constantly flooded with the sensation of being pummeled all through your insides. While you are convinced that your future little love would become the next Cristiano Ronaldo, they are actually having their all-night dancing jamboree in your uterus. Aw.

Utilizing this technique of advanced MRI, future doctors (and even the eager parents, of course!) will now be able to discern just what’s occurring underneath a baby’s skin. In the following crazy video below, one can even make out each of the fascinatingly minuscule valves and chambers of the baby’s growing heart working together. Keep in mind at this age the fetus’s heart is tinier than a regular sized penny. Is your mind blown yet? Cause ours sure is!

Watch the MRI scan video footage, taken from YouTube, of a live baby still in the mother’s womb:

Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Prenatal ultrasounds have sure made great progress over the decades. Invented in the 1950s, the conventional ultrasounds utilized a handheld scanner and produced black and white images. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that this form of baby imaging became popular in North American hospitals. Prior to that was the Stone Age. We jest, the medical world simply used ‘Pinard Horns’ aka fetal stethoscopes. The presently successful 3-D ultrasounds were presented in the 1990s.

Since there’s normally a waiting period to get an average, medically required MRI, we don’t believe this particular viral video, despite its undeniable brand of awesomeness, will necessarily transform the way women monitor their unborn children anytime soon. However, we can’t deny, modern technology is just darn breathtaking.

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