7 Brilliant Uses For Baby Powder You’ve Never Considered

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Don’t let the moniker fool you. Baby powder is not limited to babies alone. The utility of this affordable bottle of baby powder might just surprise you. It can do so much more than just freshening up your baby’s bummies. Just like women are known to be great at multitasking, the astringent rich baby powder can do more than tending to your baby’s hygiene needs. It will help you banish insects, make your hair smell great, and also help your makeup last longer. Here are other unconventional uses of baby powder that will save you time and money:

1. A Fix For Your Moldy Books

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If you’re a bibliophile (or not), and you have a vast collection of books that have begun to grow mold, then all you need is baby powder. Books tend to acquire mold when stored in damp places. Sprinkling just a tad bit of baby powder between the pages will return the books it’s original charm in a couple of hours, of course, minus the mold and mildew. However, drying the pages before the powder therapy is recommended.

2. A Dry Shampoo Or A Shampoo For Pets

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Your furry friends will thank you for a refreshing dry shampoo session that would leave them smelling and feeling great. Rubbing a sizeable amount of baby powder into their fur before brushing it off will get them rid of any oil buildup and odor. If you like the idea of a dry shampoo for yourself too, go ahead and rub your comb with some baby powder before running it through your hair. This simple trick will eliminate any oil and grease from your scalp and will leave your tresses looking fresh.

3. Smudge-Proof Your Lipstick

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Tired of leaving lipstick stains everywhere? If you want to make sure your lipstick stays longer on your lips than on the surfaces it touches, dust some baby powder between two coats of lipstick. Not only will this smudge-proof your lipstick, it will also plump your lips up for a picture-perfect pout.

4. Dust Away The Sand

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We all love a good day at the beach, but we definitely don’t love bringing back a good portion of the beach back to our living rooms. Sprinkling a bit of baby powder over the sweaty, sticky beach hair, or beach clothes will help you get rid of the moisture and the sand in a jiffy.

5. Straighten Out Tangled Jewelry

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There’s always that one piece of jewelry that magically manages to get tangled, and untangling it can be a true test of one’s patience. Sprinkling a generous amount of baby powder in the crooks and crevices of the jewelry will loosen up the knots. And Voila! You will be able to untangle your jewelry in a breeze.

6. Prevent Chafing

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If you are a runner, or if you have thunder thighs, chafing must be your common enemy. Often, due to friction and rubbing of the skin, the skin gets chafed. Baby powder creates a smooth layer that eliminates friction and prevents this wear and tear. Applying a little powder on areas that tend to rub against each other is a good precautionary measure.

7. Insect Repellant

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Pests and insects can be warded off with the help of baby powder. Dusting baby powder around your house and garden will create a red line for the ants, beetles, and bugs, that they wouldn’t dare to cross. Insects don’t like baby powder for some reason, and those tiny garden pests keep as much distance as possible from baby powder. Just sprinkling a sizeable amount of powder around window panes, doors, garden, or even cracked floors will act as a line of control for those pesky insects.

And you thought baby powder was only a baby’s best friend? This sweet-smelling, astringent powder is a boon in a bottle that can solve most of the housekeeping problems. You can replace a number of quotidian products with this affordable and highly useful talcum powder. So, go ahead and start sprinkling this magical dust.

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