C-Section Is Painful, But Here's Why I Still Wanted It

C-Section Is Painful, But Here's Why I Still Wanted It

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When I told the world I had a C-section, more than half them reacted with an, “Oh no!” And I snarled back, quite literally! There was more hullabaloo than I could silence. One septuagenarian woman went as far as saying that a mother must have to go through the ordeal of natural birthing. So what if I had to go under the surgeon’s knife! At least, it was a systematic delivery. I fessed up to this woman that it was better than the norms of deliveries at home of her days – which I don’t fathom at all – how could they deal with any complications or keep the environment sterile for a safe childbirth at home? Yes, some have voluntarily gone into the woods to do that and succeeded in the lap of Mother Nature. But I guess, no novice would want to do that.

So here I was again pondering over the stigma attached to C-section. It’s a shame that women are scared to tell the world they would want to get sedated to deliver the baby. Yes, sedation is the word. We need that desperately for an easy way out to this, hon! But, you want to prove your ‘womanhood’ to the world. You won’t feel like a ‘complete woman’ without the horrid natural birth. But I have my reasons to believe C-sections are far better and in no way subservient to a vaginal birth. Here’s why:

1. You Are Organized:

As you have planned things ahead of time for the big day, you will be ready and packed for while you are at the hospital. Everything will be in place for your older children at home and your spouse. It will be much easier to handle the household than when your contractions start suddenly, and everyone, especially you, begins to run amok.

2. You Have Time To Look Great:

You can afford that warm bath or the rejuvenating shower. You can look into the mirror at yourself and feel pretty. Applying a little make-up might do no harm. Don’t carry your jewelry, though!

3. Those Pricks Aren’t That Painful:

You feel few pricks and pressures here and there – as they strap you on the delivery table (rather surgery table) and the anesthesia. But, after that, you go numb! No scope for pain. And nope, you won’t even feel that ring of fire from the crownhead. You will have no chance to be a judge on how you would scale your level of pain.

4. Conversing With Your Doc:

If you are lucky to have a good doctor, the team will be cheering you up. You are relaxed. Less afraid, less anxious.

5. You Don’t See Any Muck Out There:

On one hand vaginal birthing means everyone is looking into the lower zone like it’s a movie that only you don’t have access to. Thankfully with a C-section, you aren’t squatting. The docs have made an incision in the dome and are yanking out the demigod that is soon to be presented to the mother cleaned off all the blood and muck.

6. You Don’t Know What Pushing Is:

As though pushing the baby wasn’t enough, natural birthing means you must push out that placenta too. But all this is taken care of by the medical team in C-section. So you are spared this part as well.

7. Bonding With Your Child:

Whoever told you that C-section mothers bond less with their babies! I totally disagree with your verdict. Be in my shoes to say that. Growing a life within you for nine months doesn’t make the baby any less endearing than make a pained entry.

8. You Are Not Maimed:

I heard that the recovery time for women after normal birthing was difficult. And some have divided opinion about recovery time for C-section. Though each woman is different and has a different experience, I can say that you are not maimed in a C-section that will leave you staggering about. Gobble up those pills and heal yourself along the recovery lane.

9. You Will Not Scream:

After reading all this, do you think there would be a prospect for that? I don’t think so!

So, to all the fellow women out there, who carry the guilt of bringing out your baby surgically, those who think that if you haven’t endured that pain you have failed as a woman, and those who think that exploding your vagina means successful birthing; I tell you this – you have succumbed to the lures of the ‘Original Sin’ and given into the world that contrived that a woman deserves the s**t. Admit it. The C-section is your winning ticket!

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