Can A Baby's First Word Be Mama? Here's What The Zodiac Has To Say

Can A Baby's First Word Be Mama Here's What The Zodiac Has To Say

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Don’t you wish that your little one’s first word is ‘Mama’? After all, you are his/her most favorite person in the world. And, you might even repeat these words around your baby, again and again, just to be doubly sure. But, have you ever thought whether the first word that your child says is predetermined? What if we say that the stars can also have a role to play in the first words uttered? Apparently, certain zodiac signs are a little more attached to their mothers, and thus, are more likely to have their first words as ‘Mama’. Whether or not you believe in the power of astrology, it sure does make for an interesting read. Here, we bring you the first words that your little one is more likely to utter as per his/her sun sign (and also, whether that golden word is going to be ‘Mama’):

1. Capricorn


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The Capricorn children are generally disciplined, intense, and super smart. So, don’t be surprised if their first words are not ‘Mama’. They are more likely to stun you with an almost perfect pronunciation of some complicated word. Remember, the little kid who said ‘Czechoslovakia’ with ease in that ad?

2. Aquarius


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The Aquarius kids are usually pretty shy and quiet, especially until they get to know someone. Naturally, they are the closest to their mothers and trust them the most. So, for them, ‘Mama’ is more or less their first words usually.

3. Pisces


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You will usually find that the Pisces kids are quite emotional, expressive, and deeply intuitive. No wonder then that the first word of your little fish will be pretty much what you are hoping to hear.

4. Aries


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Determined and confident are the words that aptly describe the Aries kids. Since they are usually blunt and say the first thing that comes to their mind, don’t take it personally if their first word turns out to be ‘milk’ or ‘no’ instead of ‘Mama’.

5. Taurus


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Patient and practical, the Taurus kids are more likely to utilize their first words to inform you of their needs. So, you are lucky if they need to grab your attention to ask for something. Otherwise, you will have to settle with the word ‘blankie’ instead.

6. Gemini


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Curious and passionate souls, the Gemini kids love being surrounded by people. And, yes, they love to talk. So, they are most likely going to be early talkers. But, for them, ‘Mama’ might be too boring a choice for their first words. They would rather tell you about some exciting experience they just had!

7. Cancer


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The Cancer kids are intensely emotional. And, parenting them implies that you are in for a plenty of hugs and snuggles. This also means that they will be supremely close to you. So, it is not surprising that their first word is mostly going to be ‘Mama’.

8. Leo


The Leo kids are confident and love to be showered with loads and loads of attention. So, their first word would most likely be ‘Mama’ if you constantly praise them. But, if it is their grandmothers who pamper them the most, they might opt for ‘Grandma’ instead!

9. Virgo


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As per Zodiac signs, the Virgo kids are generally the shyest of the lot. So, there are chances that they might not speak so much unless they absolutely need to. And, they really love being read to. Thus, there are chances that their first words might be something from their favorite book instead of ‘Mama’.

10. Libra


The Libra kids are all about maintaining fairness and balance. So, don’t be shocked if your little one tries to say both ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ in one go. After all, they don’t want anyone to feel left out.

11. Scorpio


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While the Scorpio kids are usually calm, they can also be pretty intense at times. Generally quiet and serious, they seek constant affection from their moms. So, of course, their first word is mostly ‘Mama’.

12. Sagittarius


Popularly known for their great sense of humor and personality, the Sagittarius kids might end up saying something as random as ‘food’ or ‘doggie’. But, try not to take it so personally. They are just being their silly, funny selves.

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