Can You Believe This Baby Movements Video Is Real?

Remember the first ultrasound scan you have undergone when pregnant? The doctor shows you the image inside your belly, and explains what it is. You must have tried in vain to keep your emotions in control. The very thought of a moving life inside you is incredible, even if it is your first pregnancy or the tenth!

Around 24 weeks, you wait anxiously for the baby to make its presence felt. The kicks from inside elevate your mood. Probably those are the only kicks you don’t mind receiving. If the feel of the kicks is so amazing, how would the sight of them be? Ever imagined or thought about it? We are sure you would have, several times during your pregnancy.

Most of us leave the thought just at the imagination stage, but some creative lot take it to the next level. One such person was John Deadman who has captured the movements of a baby inside the womb and posted it on YouTube.

The video taken at the woman’s 39 weeks of pregnancy shows the baby’s movements so clearly that we could see its legs and feet. And the belly stretches as if it is a sheet of rubber….. if you fear that the sheet could actually tear, you are not alone!

Before you watch the video, let us warn you that some of you would find it eerie, awkward or something similar, like Zeeshan Tahir comments on the YouTube: “That is scary”.
Abby Miller says: “That is kinda terrifying.”

Michelle Mineymo’s comment takes the cake: “This looks so disgusting, it looks like the skin will rip D: I’m really afraid that I’m going to see this on myself someday.”

But several of us would surely relate to it, just like a few viewers who commented there.

Elizabeth Carey says: “Can you imagine how awesome it will be for the person to see a video of themselves moving around in the belly. Wow!”

Monica Prince says: “This is literally the coolest thing I have seen in my entire life. It’s so surreal to feel your baby moving inside! but it’s such a blessing!”

“When i see this video, i understand what they mean about the mother-child connection being special,” comments Lasse Skarpengland.

So, what was your reaction?