9 Cartoons That Sum Up EXACTLY What It Feels Like To Be Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a really beautiful time, but it’s not always the easiest. For instance, just think about the most obvious signs of pregnancy like nausea, morning sickness, backaches, and fatigue. They don’t sound like good things at all. Line Severinsen, an illustrator, UX designer, and animator from Bergin, Norway, started drawing some amazing cartoons when she got pregnant with her daughter.

Severinsen has about 123k followers on Instagram today and her illustrations are published widely on online magazines. Her comics are such a hit because they are true to the challenges that women actually face during their pregnancy. Severinsen has also authored an equally hilarious and relatable book “I’m So Pregnant”, which is easily available online. For now, we get you some of her drawings here. We are sure that you’re going to relate to these drawings!

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1. Ooh, Did The Pregnant Lady Hurt You?

The mood swings associated with pregnancy can come on really strong for some people. It might become pretty hard for your partner, family, and friends, but they probably won’t say anything because you’re having the baby! You can yell at the King if you want to.

2. Beyonce Got Nothing On Me

Image: kosogkaos/Instagram

You may want to sing to your baby because yes, you want your baby to enjoy your voice. However, you really don’t know if the baby likes it or not- and your neighbors either!

3. Just Two Words- Shut Up!

Image: kosogkaos/Instagram

One of the worst things that you can experience during pregnancy is the bombardment of uninvited questions, awwwws, fake happiness, and belly touching. You may not be proud about it, but didn’t you really want to punch those people in the face?

4. I Can Crave For Whatever I Want, Okay?

Image: kosogkaos/Instagram

Craving for sweet, spicy, or tangy food is quite common among pregnant women. But some moms-to-be crave for weird things like ice cubes!

5. The Bladder Squeeze Toy

Image: kosogkaos/Instagram

Your bladder is your baby’s first toy! The to and fro journey to the bathroom will help you lose your pregnancy weight for sure.

6. Down…. Down…. And Not Really Down

Image: kosogkaos/Instagram

Dropped something? Spend an eternity trying to pick it up. This is why people should be really nice to pregnant women. It’s so much difficult!

7. Pregnancy And Parties? That’s A Risky One

Image: kosogkaos/Instagram

You can’t drink even though everyone else is drinking, and you’ll be a passive smoker if people around you are smoking. If you think a little deep into it, you can’t even dance the way you used to! Also, if any of your friends lose control over whatever they gulped down, they might throw up and make you nauseous.

8. Sleeping On The Back AKA Staring At The Ceiling All Night

Image: kosogkaos/Instagram

You’ve gained weight like a giant and your breasts are almost ready to contribute dairy. All that, and you can’t even get a good night’s sleep! You have to sleep on your back and it hurts, so you can’t really sleep at all. It’s quite hard being pregnant- haven’t you wished your baby was brought by a stork?

9. Having A Kickboxer Inside

Image: kosogkaos/Instagram

If you’re lucky enough, your baby is going to kick quite a lot. While you might feel that it’s cute and amazing, too much of kicking can actually not be a great thing.

Even if these cartoons express the irritation and awkward situations a woman goes through during pregnancy, it’s all worth it. Once you have your baby in your arms, all these things will be memories to cherish forever.

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