Celina Jaitly Opens Up About The Loose Talk She Heard During Her First Pregnancy

Celina Jaitly is one celebrity who has stayed away from the limelight for a very long time. But despite that, her celebrity status has made her an easy target for the trolls. Not many people know that the former Miss India faced a lot of backlash surrounding her pregnancy and giving birth to twins.

The Bollywood diva who is a mother to 3 beautiful kids had received a lot of flak from the media when she gave birth to her twin boys in 2012. Celina got married to her husband, Peter Haag in 2011 and is now blessed with three boys, Viraaj Haag, Winston Haag, and Arthur Jaitly Haag. When the actress tied the knot with her then-boyfriend Peter, rumors were doing the rounds that they decided to get hitched because of Celina’s pregnancy. The news of her twins being conceived before their marriage went viral on the internet and the actress received a lot of criticism for the same. The 38-year-old recently decided to open up in an interview about all the loose talks that she had received during the time and even has a befitting reply for the trollers.

Talking about the incident, Celina said how there were many rumors about the fact that she got married only because of her pregnancy. The actress revealed that this news was completely baseless and also irresponsible on the part of the media platforms to depict that their children were conceived before marriage. Celina wishes they had at least checked the facts before making overconfident claims and coming to such conclusions. The actress says how even after 9 years of marriage, these rumors refuse to die down. The mother of three says being exposed to such baseless rumors can affect her children while growing up and can also lead to bullying.

The actress further revealed how such malicious content on-screen can leave a lasting and detrimental effect on them. Hence she has decided to raise her voice against it to protect her kids. She believes that the media has an equally important role to play in protecting the kids against such content but they end up being the ones who are causing emotional trauma to them by promoting such content.

Talking about her decision to have kids, she said that she has always been in front of the limelight since the age of 15. But when she met Peter she immediately knew he was her prince charming and if she decided to settle down, it had to be with him. Celina shared that they both love children and was lucky enough to be blessed with twin boys twice.

Celina gave birth to her second set of twins in September 2017. However, one of the boys couldn’t survive and succumbed to a heart condition. In the same interview, the actress also spoke about all that a woman has to deal with during and after pregnancy. From society’s judgmental remarks on the way one dresses to post-partum weight gain, women have to go through a lot at a time when they most need respect and support. The actress received a lot of flak for posting a picture in the bathtub during her second pregnancy and believes that with the newfound freedom of social media and the internet, it has become easy for anyone and everyone to pass judgment on others as women today have their own individuality.

Celina is a working mum and just like us, she deals with immense mom guilt and even separation anxiety when she has to leave her kids for work. But the actress has managed to enjoy the best of both worlds by coming to terms with the choices that she has made and prioritizing the things on hand.

The actress has got her hands full with her work with the UN and an upcoming music single. We wish all the best for her future and hope to see more of her on the big screen.

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