You Didn't See These Changes Coming With Motherhood

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When motherhood gives you little time to breathe, you look back at the times when you were a carefree single woman. The irony is that while motherhood gives you the biggest joy of your life, you are also robbed of some little joys that you crave for now more than ever. Here are a few potshots:

1. Your privacy

As a nursing mom, you invariably lose your privacy. First, it would be onlookers when you nurse your baby in public. OK, you’ve got the nursing apron, but their look goes like, “Oh, we know what you are doing there.” Kids won’t spare you. Their gaze would go like, “OK, so I must have been fed like this when I was that tiny.” Then as your baby grows up, you will have times when you stand there all bare looking for an outfit and you child does not want to leave you alone. Begin to train him or her, and you can still catch the curiously prying look from the keyhole. Then, there will be bangs on the door if you manage to lock yourself in the bathroom. The banging won’t stop until you come out.

2. Your quiet times

There is no such thing as a quiet time. There is no such thing as a weekend. There is no such thing as a holiday. As long as your child is still a baby, you would be held up with nursing and diaper-changing sessions, and the sleepless nights. As your child comes to the toddler stage, you find yourself running after him to save him from all the bad falls or little mishaps. And as your child grows further, you also have moments when you can get grumpy with a barrage of questions, exchange of pointless philosophies and an organized home going haywire from your point of view.

3. Your time for movies

When was the last time you watched a movie? It was surely much before pregnancy – that is if how well you can recall it! Any attempts to go to watch a movie with your baby will be futile, especially if it’s a toddler who can’t sit through the 120 minutes of a film.

4. Your need to stick to one task

While women are known to have the knack for multitasking in their genes, motherhood surely brings out the latent trait in them. But here’s when women want to stick to one task and feel more focused and relaxed. But the multifarious domestic chores don’t let them do so. They sure are out of their comfort shoes!

5. Your aesthetic sense

Interiors? Do they make any sense now? You fear hosting guests at home just in case they thought yours was the most pauper house because there is no sign of aesthetics there. Plus most artifacts had either made their way up the attic, or you have hidden them from your children in the closet because they just know how to make receptacles of them for the mini sports. And guess what, your sofas are scribbled over, or the cushions have the foam fluffing up. Then you have your walls that have become quite the kaleidoscope. Call it abstract art if need be so you can defend your children ;).

6. Your immunity to emotions

Life as a free bird keeps you immune to a lot of trauma that mothers face. The little sneeze or diaper rashes of your baby or even a mosquito bite can set you on ripples of panic. During pregnancy, you had been through bouts of emotions, but post-pregnancy too doesn’t insulate you from sensitivities either.

We’re sure you’ve been there mommies! If you are a new mother, who is ducking in with postpartum depression, just gear up for challenges ahead. Nope, they are not depressing, but not everything is going to be fun, but for the unbound joy of having your children.

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