Mom Gives Birth In The Parking Lot Of A Maternity Clinic

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Pregnancy is a scary time for most women. No matter how prepared one is during pregnancy when it comes down to it, women feel afraid and anxious during childbirth. While preparing to be a parent, most women read a lot of books and gather knowledge about the different things they need to know. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared and that is something that every woman does. But when that time comes when a woman’s water breaks and she’s heading to the hospital for childbirth, the fear and nervousness that comes her way are almost impossible to escape. No matter how much you plan for that moment, when that time arrives, it might not go according to plan and today we are here with a story to tell you why that’s okay.

Recently, a woman in Florida named Susan Anderson gave birth to her daughter in the parking lot of a maternity clinic. You’re probably thinking that she was so close, maybe one door away from reaching the hospital room, so why not wait until she entered the clinic. But the thing about childbirth is that there is no right time when you’re close to your due date. The right time is when the baby decides to come out. Anderson’s daughter did not want to wait for even a second more. She was eager to come out and that’s exactly what happened. Lucky for Susan, she had her husband, Joseph Anderson, right by her side and a midwife who helped her with the baby.

(Un)Expected Pop

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While a woman goes through labor soon after her water breaks, that is not usually the case. There have been several instances when a woman’s water breaks and she is rushed to the hospital only to have to wait for hours to have her baby. During pregnancy, your baby is surrounded in a protective membrane that is filled with a fluid and is called the amniotic sac. The rupture of this is called your water breaking which typically indicates that you’re in labor and the process has begun. However, in some cases, labor does not begin which means that you’ve experienced a prelabor rupture of membranes. In such a situation, your doctor might stimulate contractions i.e, induce labor (1).

It is dangerous for your baby to stay in your womb after your water has broken. It increases the chance of infection for you and your baby (2). Susan and Joseph Anderson did not have to worry about that problem because their daughter popped right out in front of the maternity clinic. Susan was planning to give birth in a maternity clinic but her daughter had other plans. They had a midwife to help them through the process who assured them and the policemen who were around that everything was okay. Soon after, a baby girl was born who was hale and healthy. They named her Julia Anderson.

Privilege Of Giving Birth

It is natural to feel anxious and nervous about childbirth. But the thing to remember is that women have been bringing people into this world since time immemorial and while it is a scary journey, it is a beautiful one. Sure, it is not easy. Getting through nine months of pregnancy is no joke but the aftermath of it is worth it. You will have a baby in your life; one that you brought into this world. A life that you nurtured and harbored in you for nine whole months. The anticipation and longing to hold your baby in your arms will finally be over. This is one of the most magical moments of life and something that brings the biggest joy. But only women have the power to birth a baby, to bring a life into the world and that is a privilege that should never be forgotten! Share this article with your pregnant friends and family to reassure them through their pregnancy.


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