Childbirth vs Getting kicked In The Balls - Which Is More Painful?

The age-old battle of the sexes of what’s more painful – childbirth or getting kicked in the male bits has been an ongoing argument for generations and generations. Women obviously argue for childbirth being more painful, and men argue for their pain. However, how does anyone truly know which is worse if they haven’t experienced both?

Thanks to this never ending dilemma of the battle of the sexes and who suffers more pain, there is now a scientific study that has a breakdown on which hurts more – childbirth or getting kicked in the (wait for it) balls!

Surely you’re curious and want to know the final verdict. Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out. Before you start reading, watch the video!

The video begins with an introduction of how bad the pain actually is for both sexes. Women have been described to have a task of fitting a watermelon sized being (a baby) through a coin-sized hole. On the other hand, men proclaim that even the slightest knick of their private parts can leave them incapacitated.

The Internet rumour mill claims that a person can endure up to 45 del-units of pain. However, all the mommies-to-be feel an approximate of 67 del (unit of measurement also historically known as dol) of pain during childbirth. This apparently is equivalent to around 20 bones being fractured – wait for it – at the same time! Who even wants to imagine that kind of pain? Then, men suggest that being kicked in the balls brings over 9000 del of pain! Is that even humanly tolerable? However, people wonder how both women and men can feel above the maximum of 45 del? On a side note – the unit of measurement for pain – del or dols – is not actually legitimate since pain is subjective and can’t actually be measured.

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How And Why We Feel Pain

Pain is felt in the nerve cells in your body called nociceptors, which react only to painful sensations. In other words, they flare up when particular pain thresholds have been passed. These pain signals then get passed to the spinal cord and brain either slowly, which is a dull ache or quickly, which is a sharp pain. Don’t confuse these nerves with the ones that react to temperature.

Testicles are covered in nociceptors making them extremely sensitive. These are also attached to nerves in the stomach that is directly connected to the brain. Now you know why a man’s pain spreads to the abdomen. It’s a fact that testicles have minimum protection, which is why men also feel nausea, increased blood pressure, sweating and heart rate.

However, for women, the extension of the uterine area can also trigger nociceptors and cause a similar type of pain. Also, because of evolution, women’s hips have become narrower and baby’s heads larger (Thanks, evolution). Labour lasts for an average of eight hours and comes with tension, pain, fatigue, nausea and tissue stretching, which create sharp pain.

The Final Verdict

The video claims that pain is subjective. What do you think? We have to agree because everybody perceives pain differently. Also, pain depends on your mood, alertness, and previous painful experiences. The video concludes that measuring pain objectively has failed because it’s a different experience for everybody.

Childbirth and getting hit BOTH cause a lot of pain, so this battle seems to be a tie! Different experiences and too many different variables come in the way of deciding who the winner is. For example, one can feel more pain than the other and vice versa.

The end result is that one sex gets to have a baby and the other sex sadly has less of a chance of making one.

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