A Chinese Woman Did The Unthinkable By Getting Pregnant 14 Times In 10 Years. You Won't Believe How!

Getting Pregnant 14 Times In 10 Years

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It’s sometimes a huge surprise when people go to drastic and kind of crazy measures to avoid getting into trouble. In fact, people do the same when they want to achieve or receive something. Sadly, these methods usually involve deceit and breaking the law.

In this case, a Chinese woman in Beijing got pregnant 14 times in 10 years, all to avoid jail time. Surely you’re just as surprised as we are! However, the heights to which people go can never be undermined. Wondering how it’s possible to have 14 pregnancies in 10 years? Then keep reading!

What Actually Happened?

The woman mentioned above was sentenced to life imprisonment! She was given this sentence because she was involved in corruption in China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region. In order to avoid the repercussion, which was jail time, she got pregnant 14 times in 10 years before she was sent to jail by a court. So, according to Chinese laws, if a woman is pregnant, she may be given probation if she gets a jail sentence. The woman took advantage of this law by becoming pregnant again after she regained health, and re-applied for probation; she did this a whopping 14 number of times!

However, it is unclear what kind of corruption she was involved with, and we are unsure of how many babies and abortions she has had because after every probation announcement, it was said that she got an abortion.

Later, it was found that the 14 acclaimed pregnancies in 10 years were not entirely true, because one pregnancy was fake/false.

Was Justice Served?

The woman, who goes by her last name Zeng received the life imprisonment sentence in 2005, but it obviously got delayed by years and years by the Urumqi Intermediate People’s Court.Finally, Zeng at the age of 39 has started to serve her sentence in prison when she was supposed to serve ten years ago!

Do you have any other stories of how women use pregnancy as an excuse to get out of trouble? Or do you have anything to add to Zenga’s story? Let us know below!

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