7 Unbelievable Clothing Mistakes In Pregnancy

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Being well-dressed during pregnancy – is it possible? We all know how it’s so easy to look out of place even in the most beautiful dress. Firstly, there is no hiding the baby bump. Secondly, those tired waddles and, those hysterics are quite the warning signs of your pregnancy. Even pregnant assume that branded maternity wear is the way ahead. The reality is that you’re going to go nowhere with a fashion statement. And, although, we’ve all been there, here are few quick takes on some common fashion mistakes we make during pregnancy:

1. Opting For Bigger Sizes:

Umm…here’s the trick. On one hand you think maternity clothes are perfect. But, somehow you think they also accentuate your bump. They carry that, rather obvious, tag of being preggo wherever you go. And, you end up switching over to buying clothing that is a size or two bigger. But guess what, here’s where you make the blunder. These might fit around the waist and belly, but in totality, you will look and rather unsymmetrical, to put it politely.

2. Wearing High Heels:

Who asked you to wear high heels while you are pregnant? High-heels are a strict no-no during pregnancy, even on regular days. Wearing them when you are heavily pregnant is downright foolish. The damage that they do is irrevocable in most cases. Moreover, the pressure it exerts on the uterus is unhealthy. Heard about uterus displacement? Well, it’s the high heels that are responsible. When you wear high heels, the lower back muscles contract and impede the flow of fluids into the pelvic area. Heels also exert a strain on the ligament around the pelvic area and displace the uterus. So, if you’re planning on walking the catwalk during pregnancy, we’d advise you to reconsider.

3. Leggings For Pants:

Not a very good idea to wear leggings instead of pants. You might want to cover the leggings by wearing longer shirts or tunics to cover your behind. Don’t think that a long tunic would strip off the lovely patterns. It could well look more stylish than normal and add a sense of dignity.

4. Wearing Pleated Clothes:

Pleats are always a fashion thing. But, not when you have a baby bump already. Pleats will make you look larger than you are. Consider smaller-looking options.

5. Wearing Capri Pants Or Cargo Shorts:

Don’t even think about showing off your ankles or the already bigger hips through these. While capri pants look sexy when you are slim, they just make the contrast by making your legs look small and stumpy when you are pregnant. On the other hand, cargo pants will make your legs and hips look bulkier than what they are. (Chuck those large pockets!)

6. Wearing Low Rise Jeans:

Jeans below your belly button don’t make a great preggo fashion statement. Don’t make it turn out an excellent tool to showcase your pregnant belly. And guess what, you will look like you are had to force yourself through the jeans. Save yourself the embarrassment: don’t do it.

7. Trying To Hide Your Bump:

It is something most preggos do. Wonder what makes them conscious of the most beautiful and naturally blessed thing to happen to their bodies. But, attempting to hide the bump is the worst thing that you can try to do. The key is to sport a bump, even if it means wearing maternity tees. So get going, all you preggos!

Maternity and fashion might not go well together. Designers have attempted to elevate the pregnancy esteem and make it appealing through clothing, but how you carry yourself with a baby bump is all that matters.

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