15 Common Pregnancy Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of

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Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience for a woman. The thought of having a child itself brings on a fresh perspective in your life. If you are pregnant, you would be ready for those initial goosebumps, anxiety, happiness, questions and fears. What you would also need to be ready for is facing the physical side effects that change every trimester till the childbirth.

Most pregnancy side effects are commonly known in case you have been planning to conceive for some time. Women who suddenly get pregnant also get to know few of the changes that the body undergoes as the baby grows inside the womb. Here are few side effects of pregnancy.

What Happens During Pregnancy?

Your body transgresses a sea change with respect to internal hormones after getting pregnant.

  • The estrogen levels will either hit the rooftop or sink; a wild ride of hormonal shift that will make you feel weird, touchy and easily emotional.
  • Do not be surprised to find yourself annoyed or upset for the silliest of reasons.
  • Your body will start producing 50 percent more blood as compared to normal conditions once you get pregnant. This is to accommodate for the growing needs of the oncoming baby inside your womb.

15 Common Pregnancy Side Effects:

Below are some common side effects of pregnancy that you may experience:

1. Tiredness And Fatigue:

You will begin to feel more strained and weakened as compared to normal scenario.

  • This is because your body is working overtime to make arrangements.
  • These include changes in the blood supply, preparation of the uterus and abdominal muscles.
  • You will crave for that extra rest during pregnancy period.
  • Taking adequate rest in between for short periods during the day should help you cope.

2. Morning Sickness And Vomiting:

This is a classic symptom of pregnancy.

  • The first trimester will be either full of nausea and throw ups or absolutely nothing.
  • Do not panic if you do not exhibit morning sickness as each pregnancy is different.
  • You will usually suffer with morning sickness more during the first and third trimesters.
  • You will feel queasy and nauseous to certain smells while you crave for others. This is a rather funny feeling that leaves you exhausted.
  • Be prepared with the countermeasures. Chewing on saunf (fennel seeds) is said to relieve morning sickness to an extent.

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3. Clumsiness:

You would have been a super girl before, but be prepared to feel like a lazy bottom after getting pregnant.

  • This is natural, considering that you are now more physically worked up than ever.
  • The clumsiness will tend to set in whether you like it or not.
  • Short naps should be able to supply you with the required energy.

4. Skin Changes:

Skin changes are one of the most prominently seen symptoms during pregnancy.

  • Your skin may glow with extra moisture or dry up.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated with fluids taken at regular intervals.

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5. Frequent Urination:

Yes, you will have irregular bowels and will be rushing to the bathroom more often.

  • Your pelvic muscles are busy stretching as the size of the uterus grows, thus putting extra strain on your bladder.
  • You may be embarrassed with the frequent tendency to urinate but this is a side effect experienced by all pregnant women.
  • Making trips to the washroom is a healthy practice, as keeping your bladder empty is a good way to deal with your expanding pelvis.

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6. Heartburn:

Heartburn is a common side effect that comes mostly after the second trimester and on the onset of the third.

  • Your mid portion is expanding vast, leaving no room for the stomach, unlike when not pregnant. This causes you to experience more indigestion and heartburn.
  • Eating foods rich in fiber and nutrients should help you address the issue to an extent.

7. Indigestion And Constipation:

As explained above, this is the time for your tummy to struggle.

  • Indigestion and constipation will look like a cyclic process that will tire you out. However, what you eat will determine how you process it.
  • Constipation is usually caused by the intake of iron supplements that are mandatory during pregnancy. You can tackle the issue by keeping yourself hydrated and eating fiber rich food.

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8. Nosebleeds:

Some women complain of nosebleeds during pregnancy.

  • This is not a serious concern. Most times, nosebleeds go away after a while as your body is busy adapting to increased blood circulation.
  • You will have to report to your doctor if the bleeding does not stop after few days.

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9. Sore Breasts:

Once you hit the threshold of third trimester, your breasts will begin to prepare for the oncoming lactation and nursing.

  • This will make you have sore breasts that feel sensitive and painful. Usually, the feeling goes away as soon as you deliver your baby and begin nursing.
  • But till such time, we recommend you wear comfortable maternity bras instead of the fancy kinds that will aggravate the condition.

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10. Varicose Veins:

Varicose veins are also one of the common side effects during pregnancy that can be seen on your feet.

  • These gradually disappear after childbirth.
  • You have to make yourself comfortable in easy postures.

11. Back Pain:

Back pain and sciatica are reported by few women.

  • Obesity and weight gain are the main culprits. As your body is already bogged down with the weight of the baby bump, you are likely to experience strain on your back muscles.
  • Women with higher body weight tend to suffer more, and likely to develop sciatica later. Proper diet, yoga and fitness should help address this issue.

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12. Stuffy Nose:

Having a stuffy nose is going to be annoying.

  • This could be a major side effect while you are pregnant.
  • Like all the other side effects, this too shall pass.

13. Braxton Hicks Contractions:

You are likely to experience false contractions once you enter month 8 of your pregnancy.

  • These contractions, also known as Braxton Hicks, are quite common. Your body will mimic the actual labor contraction, giving you a heads up on what’s coming.
  • Breathing exercises should help. Do not panic at the random contractions that come and go every often.

14. Pelvic Pain:

Expanding uterus will naturally cause strain on your pelvic muscles. Hence you will feel pain in the pelvic region sometimes.

  • Hang in there, as the pain subsides immediately after childbirth.
  • Doing proper yoga should help you reduce the impact.

15. Breathlessness:

You will feel more and more breathless as the pregnancy progresses to the final trimester.

  • Try and relax as much as you can.
  • Breathing exercises and yoga are said to bring in some great relief. Try them.
  • These are some of the most commonly experienced side effects of pregnancy. All of these symptoms tend to reduce or vanish after the arrival of your baby.

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Hope you liked our 15 significant side effects during pregnancy. Staying alert, prepared and relaxed will help you a long way to have a comfortable pregnancy. Remember to consult your doctor with the kind of medication Think about the joy that is to come into your life and you will not feel a thing!

Happy Pregnancy!

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