22 Confessions Every Exhausted Mum Will Relate To

22 Confessions Every Exhausted Mum Will Relate To

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Being a mom is not all sunshine and rainbows. Of course, we like to pretend that motherhood is nothing but warmth and tears of joy, but the reality is something else. These mothers came candid on Twitter, shedding light on the truth about the life of a mother with their honest tweets.

1. Difficult Emotions

Difficult Emotions

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Motherhood brings in a wave of emotions. Not all of them are positive. However, love wins.

2. Fun Mom

Fun Mom

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Being a mother is pretty much a struggle for basic needs like sleep and rest when you are not overwhelmed by joy.

3. Start Clean?

Start Clean

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Everyone wants to live clean, but moms know what a waste cleaning is. It wouldn’t take too long for the kids to raise hell again.

4. Cartooned


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Hit the nail on the head. Holding down the fort while raising babies is beyond tiring.

5. The Baby Trap

The Baby Trap

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Moms and the to-do list that goes on to infinity and beyond.

6. Me Time

Me Time

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Moms are always stealing moments from their own life.

7. Bedtime Woes

Bedtime Woes

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As Lewis Carroll wrote, we are all children who fear the bedtime approaching.

8. Loss Of Hearing

Loss Of Hearing

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Moms develop certain conditions during pregnancy. Loss of hearing is just one of them, for the sake of sanity.

9. Holding On

Holding On

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Because bathroom breaks are not part of the job.

10. Mom Interrupted

Mom Interrupted

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Kids feel more comfortable going to the mother, most of the time. Which means don’t be surprised if you haven’t bathed in days.

11. Home Alone

Home Alone

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Kids have a way of causing a ruckus out of thin air while at home. It is OK to crave for some downtime away from that.

12. Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa

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If it’s about hot chocolate, a lie couldn’t hurt.

13. The Sooner, The Better

The Sooner, The Better

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Can’t we just get it over with and go home? No matter how fun the party is, there is only so much an adult can enjoy a Frozen themed party.

14. #MomLies


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We all preach things that we can’t always follow. It turns out, moms are leading the way.

15. Carpet Woes

Carpet Woes

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Kids go to their mommies for everything. They are especially more clingy when they are not well.

16. The Usual Self

The Usual Self

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Moms are perpetually sleep-deprived, tired, and blame the world for everything wrong. Don’t hold that against them. They mean well.

17. Mom Schedule

Mom Schedule

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Some moms are of the opinion that after your kid is born, the one thing you constantly crave for is some quiet time to yourself.

18. It’s 9 AM!

It’s 9 AM!

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Hold your judgments. It’s difficult to juggle kids and household duties, stay awake, and stay sober.

19. Fairy Tale Life

Fairy Tale Life

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Perhaps the only thing funnier than mom’s sense of humor is the incredibly busy lives they live.

20. Sleepless


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Maybe a tad less romantic than Sleepless in Seattle, but mom life is a night without sleep on repeat mode.

21. Welcome To The Club

Welcome To The Club

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If so many women came forward to corroborate the story, then we better believe it.

22. Hobbies


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The repetitive, tiring life of moms needs no introduction. After a while, you have the names of all the Disney princesses by heart.

Maybe the next time you come across a pregnant woman, wish her good luck for what is coming. Nonetheless, motherhood is precious. It redefines you as a woman and gives you perspective about life. It requires amazing strength to stay calm and be patient to little kids. How well these moms are doing as parents and as individuals is a testimonial to the power of mothers.

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