10 Cool Ways To Handle A Summer Pregnancy

Cool Ways To Handle A Summer Pregnancy

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Imagine being pregnant during summer. What’s the image you get? Sweltering from the naturally higher body temperatures of pregnancy – thanks to the extra blood flow – and then think about the external heat when the mercury rises and all you can think is air-conditioner. If only women were not meant to carry their baby inside them for so long! Or rather, if only summers weren’t what they are.

Pregnant women could toil a little less – they already don’t do much other than taking care of themselves and the baby (the most important duty of theirs), but a finer weather could make it easier for them. But since we are powerless over nature, we could do the following to wade through a successful pregnancy during summers:

1. Swimming:

Might be ideal in the initial stages of pregnancy. But swimming is simply awesome during summers. The thought of feeling weightless as you feel the lush waters in summers makes you jump in at once. Swimming reduces the pressure on the sciatic nerve. Plus the buoyancy relaxes you. So go ahead, you preggos. Beat the heat!

2. Remove Jewelry From Hands and Feet:

Since you are likely to be bloated, be plus sizes up, it’s a good idea to take off the jewelry that you wear either customarily or out of choice. Bangles, finger-rings, toe-rings are the stuff you want to stash up for few days unless you want to struggle with removing them or simply have them cut. Who wants the hassle anyway!

3. Reduce Salt Intake:

Salt contains sodium, so reducing salt helps you when your body is already inclined towards being swollen or bloated. But that doesn’t mean you must eat saltless food. In fact, it’s important that you eat a couple of pinches of salt so your baby can derive iodine from it.

4. Rehydrate Yourself:

Water is, of course, the best hydrating agent. Avoid sodas and pops. Fresh fruits juices and buttermilk are other alternatives. While there are plenty of energy drinks in the market, you need to be careful as most of them are not suitable during pregnancy. If you intend at deriving minerals, then there is nothing better than coconut water. ORS can be quite an option if you feel extremely exhausted.

5. Drape Yourself In Cotton And Linen:

Perhaps you should even say no to jeans temporarily. Wear clothes that are porous and are well-aerated. Use cotton and linens as much as possible to reduce perspiration and for better comfort.

6. Sunscreens:

Aiming at some Vitamin D from sunlight isn’t a bad idea. But certainly not when the sun is right overhead during summers. If, for any reason you must be exposed to the sun, make sure you are applying SPF 15 sunscreens to prevent high melanin production. Too much of melanin production could form a ‘pregnancy mask’.

7. Pregnancy Massage:

Think about a spa during pregnancy. A pregnancy massage is great for reducing swelling and helps your body brace up for labor.

8. Wearing The Right Footwear:

You will be tempted to switch over to very summery footwear – flip-flops and sandals, so to say. But you will be better off in sneakers. It’s important that you buy shoes a size up so as to support you when you have swollen feet. Moreover, you must prefer shoes to slippers for firmer grip and balance. You simply don’t want your feet getting caught up somewhere or an accident. Safety is the key.

9. Avoid Foods That Raise Body Temperature:

Cucumbers are a great cooling agent. Fruits like papaya could raise your body temperature. Citrus fruits also prove beneficial in combating the heat.

10. Skin Care:

Wash your face, neck and arms often. Else use a damp cloth to cool yourself. An aloe-vera face pack might also give you relief. Cucumber pieces as eye mask work wonders.

What were the measures you adopted to beat the summer heat during pregnancy? Write us back!

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