5 Coolest Moms From Popular TV Shows

5 Coolest Moms From Popular TV Shows

Mothers—they are nothing short of a blessing in our lives! You will probably agree that we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for our mothers. They constantly guide, support, and encourage us that we feel safe and secure when they are around. Sometimes, they probably get on our nerves but we know that they only wish the best for us. There is no denying that our mothers are our superheroes and the sacrifices they’ve made for us cannot be measured. While we appreciate our mothers and recognize the many things they do for us, over the years we’ve seen popular TV shows with mothers who are talented, supportive, and cool. Some of them are relatable and others redefine motherhood for us. So today we are here with some of the coolest moms you’ve seen on popular TV shows:

1. Kitty Forman – That ‘70s Show

Kitty Forman - That ‘70s Show

Source: YouTube

The ultimate caring mother who not only goes out of her way to make her kids comfortable but does the same for her children’s friends too, Kitty Forman is the perfect example of the coolest mom. With her zest for life, everyday baking recipes, and peculiar but infectious laughter, Kitty Forman is one of the best characters of That ‘70s Show. She is a nurse by profession, keeps her house together, cooks delicious food, and is cheerful even during difficult times. You’re probably lying if you say you haven’t wished that your mom was a little bit like her!

2. Sushma Mehra – Shararat

Sushma Mehra - Shararat

Source: India Today

She might just be the coolest nani you have ever seen. Shararat was one of the most favorite TV shows for 90s kids that had elements of magic, fun, and family bond. Jiya and her nani were the perfect duo who added a bit of fun to their daily mundane lives. Farida Jalal plays the role of a grandmother who shows us that you can do justice to motherhood by being a friend in your kids’ (in this case, grandkids’) lives.

3. Nalini Vishwakumar – Never Have I Ever

A show that received a lot of attention recently, Never Have I Ever showcases the life of an Indian family who immigrated to the United States. Although they live in a western country, the family tries to keep their Indian traditions alive and stay true to their roots. Nalini Vishwakumar is an Indian mother who despite her best efforts has a rebellious teenage daughter who likes to go against her mother every chance she gets. Her patience and attitude towards dealing with her daughter in a foreign land are worth mentioning.

4. Anjana Menon – Four More Shots Please

Anjana Menon - Four More Shots Please

Source: YouTube

Four More Shots Please is a story about four women from different walks of life who find comfort and an everlasting friendship in each other. Anjana, played by Kirti Kulhari, is a mother who is a passionate lawyer and does not shy away from standing up against gender discrimination in her workplace. She might not be perfect but her courage and go-getter attitude is an inspiration to career-driven mothers out there. She is the perfect example of a mother who balances work and family life successfully.

5. Joyce Byers – Stranger Things

Joyce Byers - Stranger Things

Source: YouTube

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, you would have probably watched this eerie show. Stranger Things is a series of fiction but the unwavering act of a mother’s sacrifice in this show is as real as it gets. Joyce Byers saves her son from an alien creature by being resilient and not giving up hope. She sticks to her maternal instincts and fights for her son’s safety even after people call her crazy. If that does not define a real mother, what does?

Several shows and movies show us characters of mothers that we can connect to. No matter how different the circumstances, there are aspects of a mother that are universal and relatable to everyone in this world. Sometimes we wish that our mothers were cooler or more understanding, but in our hearts, we know that they know what’s best for us. What is your favorite quality about your mother? Comment below and let us know.