7 Women Shared The Craziest Things People Said To Them When They Were Pregnant

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Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster. Your body is on a journey to give birth to a tiny human and your mind is a mess with all the hormonal changes that are happening inside you. Nothing about pregnancy screams normal but it can still end up being the best experience of your life. You become hysterical and to add to that, people can say some really dumb shit when you are with a baby bump. In this MomJunctionarticle, we share 7 unbelievable things that people have said to pregnant women that would make you go, What The Hell?

1. When No Place Is Safe

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‘I was at a shopping mall when a random woman came up to me and said, “No offense, but I hope you are planning on breastfeeding your baby.” It was pretty weird hearing this from a total stranger who I have never met. I couldn’t find the right words, so I gave her a smile for her stupid comment and walked away’ – Kiran

2. When We Are Still Living The 60’s

‘My friends had planned a baby shower for me a few weeks before my due date. During the chit chat, I happened to blurt out that I was planning to go back to work a few months after my son’s birth. This is when one of my friends decided to say, “I already feel bad for your baby who has to go to a daycare or stay with a nanny. I bet this wouldn’t have happened if you married a rich guy”.’ – Supriya

3. Thanks, You Complete Stranger!

‘I was at a local train when a woman came and sat near me. She started making small talk and asked me how I was doing and how far along was I. Then she started describing how nightmarish her experience of childbirth was. Her exact words were, ‘It’s going to be ten times worse than what you imagine it to be.’ I had to listen to her go on for about another 40 minutes before she got down at her stop.’ – Lizzy

4. Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up!!!

‘One of my colleagues came up to me and said, “You look ugly. I bet you are having a girl.” I spend the next 20 minutes crying in the bathroom.’ – Sarha

5. Someone, Please Hold Me

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‘A few hours after I gave birth, my husband’s side of the family came to visit us in the maternity ward. Seeing that I still had the pregnant belly, my sister-in-law asked me with a concerned face if I was worried that my belly would never go down. It took me all my strength to not punch her in the face.’ – Kishma

6. A Walk In The Park

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‘I was on my usual evening walks when an elderly woman came up to me and placed her hand in my belly. She asked me which trimester I was in and suddenly started advising me not to walk during this time. I got really pissed, but told her politely that my doctor assured me that it’s completely safe.’ – Nadiya

7. Nothing Worse Than A Judgemental Doctor


‘I was recommended to a dietician by my gyno to help me stay healthy during my pregnancy as I was having a few complications. My dietician turned out to be an extremely friendly person and helped me come up with a diet chart that would be easy for me to stick to. I was extremely impressed with her, but just when I was about to leave she said, “I hope you are not one of those moms who support public breastfeeding. That shit is nasty.” That’s the last she heard from me.’ – Mariya

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