This Cute Rap Battle Between Mother And Son Will Make You Smile

When was the last time you saw an ad on TV that wasn’t a complete snoozefest? Not any time in the recent past, right?

Heavy-handed suggestions, blatant stereotyping, and misplaced humor – these qualities are found in abundance in the ads that we see playing on our screens. And more often than not, they end up upsetting the modern-day sensibilities of the audience. The audience wants fresh zingy content, which is why this recent ad by detergent company, Tide, has been a breath of fresh air. The ad has been created to advertise the company’s new offering, Tide Ultra.

A common setting, a relatable situation, and a unique format – these characteristics make this ad stand apart from the crowd. Want to know how? Read on to know more.

The Ad That Pitches Mother And Son In A Rap Battle

If you fancied yourself as something of a gully boy/girl then this ad would surely strike a note with you. Set in a laundry room, the ad captures a conversation between a mother and her son. The son, who is the “champion betaraam” comes home gleefully flaunting his medal. But instead of adulation, he sees his mother launch into an impassioned rap where she berates him for getting the “cuffs, collars and underarms” of his clothes dirty, for they are very difficult to clean.

Faced with this, the boy very innocently asks that in order to save his clothes will he have to give up his interests and activities. He also suggests her to use the washing machine instead. To which the mother replies with obvious dismay that it isn’t possible to get the stains off using the machine, which is when she is surprised by Tide Ultra’s Chaunkaanewali safedi!

This is a conversation almost all of us have had with our mothers when we were kids. However, the quirky rap battle, the easy-going comradery between the son and mother as captured in the ad puts into perspective the friendly equation that is the norm of today’s modern-day parenting. We are pretty sure that the mothers in the audience would have had a knowing smile on their faces after watching the ad.

It’s quite distinct from the way mother-child relationships are portrayed on TV. It manages to be relatable and at the same time, tug at your heartstrings.

What Is Tide Ultra?

Tide Ultra, the brand’s latest innovation is a boon for those customers who use washing machines. A common complaint of consumers who use washing machines has been that the detergents available in the market fail to give their clothes a dazzling clean look. Quite often they have to resort to manual scrubbing to get the stains off their clothes. Now, it seems the detergent gods have finally listened to their prayers. The detergent giant, Tide’s latest product, Tide Ultra, (which is available in two variants – one for fully automatic washing machines and one 3-in-1 variant for semi-automatic machines and hand wash) promises to make short work of laundry woes by delivering chaunkaane-walisafedi, with its signature Tide-white brightness, that too inside a washing machine!

The eclectic ad which has been chosen as the vehicle to launch this very useful product in the market has generated a lot of buzz on social media. People have found themselves gravitating towards the rap. Multiple social media personalities have taken up the challenge to re-enact it on their social media handles by tagging it with the hashtag, #TideUltraRapChallenge.

So, don’t be surprised if you witness your social media feed flooded with videos of similar rap battles.

A reliable brand, with a relevant message, and a great product – all in a great package! Curious to check out the ad? Here you go:

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