10 Cute Things Men Do When Their Wives Are Pregnant

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Since the dawn of time, our society has placed the brunt of responsibility, which comes hand-in-hand with pregnancy and conception, upon- you guessed it- womankind.

To a vast extent, it’s understandable. After all, we are the ones who ultimately have to carry the baby. Plus eating right, being healthy and all that fun stuff is, inevitably, our responsibility. However, by no means does that indicate pregnancy is a single-female-player game. It took two of you to tango, and a grown-up man understands that.

These amazing specimens of life comprehend that giving birth is a miracle, and that a pregnant woman needs her man throughout that long, confusing, uncomfortable and mostly overwhelming journey.

This is exactly why your grown-up man will be found doing the following 10 things while you carry his child:

1. Be There For Every. Single. Appointment. Ever.

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He will ensure that he has made time out of his schedule to accompany you to every doctor/ midwife appointment you need to show up for. He understands that the information presented at these visits is important for both the parents.

2. Educate Himself About The Changes You’re Facing

From reading all those baby books, googling scary complications (and suffering a few nightmares) to raptly listening to what your midwife/doctors have to say about what to expect- a grown-up man get’s his homework done. He understands that staying informed is the key to help you keep calm.

3. Give You Space To Have An Honest Meltdown

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Pregnancy is not always beautiful. In fact, it can be downright messy, painful and emotionally overwhelming. Social pressure may make you feel like you’re not allowed to complain about becoming a mother, but a man understands your ranting is not a sign of you being a potentially terrible mom. Morning sickness is the devil- he totally gets it.

4. Accompany You To Birthing Classes

He understands that he too has a role in the birthing process and can’t leave you and your baby to fend for yourselves on the D-day. So he makes sure he has practiced breathing and all the other maneuvers to help support you on your big day.

5. Isn’t Afraid To Reveal His Concerns


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Just cause you’re pregnant doesn’t essentially mean his emotions should be dismissed from now on. He may also struggle with confusion, doubts and fears but being a grown-up man, he knows the two of you are a team and won’t hesitate to discuss them with you.

6. …But Still Trust His Baby-momma’s Instincts

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He may offer his thoughts on pregnancy and whatever he could do to make you more comfortable but at the end of the day- he trusts you to know your body best.

7. Respect And Deliver Upon Your Wants And Needs


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He will fight for you when you are fighting to give birth to your child. If your birthing plan is being dismissed, he will do whatever it takes to see that you are comfortable, including kicking people out of the room if they bother you.

8. Cut You Some Slack

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He gets the unforgiving nature of pregnancy hormones. Hence when you’re being, well, crazy… he won’t hold it against you. Aw.

9. Contribute More Around Your Home

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He will realize much earlier on when you need to start taking it easy and let him take on more of your chores around the house. Before you can ask him for help, he’s there silently doing the laundry. Bless him.

10. Make All Your After-Midnight-Craving Runs!

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Midnight ice cream with pickles? Pasta with sabzi? Hyderabadi biryani from that one special corner in town? No matter how much he grumbles under his breath, he stumbles sleepily for his car keys… if you want it, he’s got your back honey.

Let’s be honest though, for men to become grown-ups, they need to be doing some growing first. This article, however, is a good place to start. Share it with your partner to let him know the ideal baby-daddy he can be!