People Are Slamming This Proud Dad’s ‘Hack’ for Getting His Son To Read More Books

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Parents will do anything to get their kids to develop useful and productive habits. We’ve seen parents who insist on enrolling their kids for swimming lessons, music and dance lessons, and even sports because they want their kids to excel in extracurricular activities. With academics being the crux of everything, many parents wish that their kids develop a flair for something creative and new as well. It not only keeps your kids engaged and alert, but it also develops discipline. However, some habits do not require any classes. Like reading. It might be easy to teach your kid to read, but if they have to fall in love with it and become avid readers, that is a whole other story.

No matter how much you encourage your kids to read, your kids might not develop the habit of reading without having any interest in it. But as parents, you know how much of an advantage it is to inculcate this habit. So, a dad named David Woodland came up with an idea to get his son to read more books. He thought it was a significant investment to pay $1 for every book his son reads. He expressed on the internet that the books his son was reading were at least 160 pages, and he felt it was worth every penny. While the dad seemed proud of “tricking” his son into reading, internet users had a difficult opinion. Read on to know more.

How The Internet Reacted

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David Woodland expressed that his son thought he was ripping him off, but he felt that it was the best investment ever. He added a piece of information in the comments where he said that his son has a strict bedtime and cannot stay up. Except if he is reading books. While the dad was pretty impressed with this “hack”, he received a lot of flak for his method. His tweet reached over 498,000 people on Twitter, out of which there were some strong opinions and internet hate.

Twitteratti was furious that he put a price on learning and made it transactional. They said that it was a bad idea for him to attach monetary benefit to a good habit, and when the incentive stops, so will the behavior. One user expressed that it was a horrible idea, and he hopes that it does not backfire and bite the parents from behind.

While many users were shaming him saying that with this method he is teaching his son bad incentives, some others came out to appreciate him. They said it’s a good way to teach kids the value of money and the importance of earning it. When they earn the money after hard work, they know they deserve it. One user shared their childhood experience and said that their parents gave them their allowance when they did certain chores around the house. If they did not do them, they would not get their allowance.

What’s Right And What’s Wrong?

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When it comes to parenting, there is no hard and fast rule that you can follow to bring up your children a certain way. Therefore, parents find their way of doing things depending on their children. One user even shared their personal experience with the same method. They said that they hated reading as a child, but their mother paid them for every book they finished. They said that they started falling in love with reading, and now they read around 60 books a year. WOW!

Woodland came back in another tweet and expressed that he did not imagine that a tweet about his parenting would become so controversial. He said that his son is excelling in academics and sports, and he is proud to be his father. He added that his son is a loving brother, son, and friend. Talk about confidence and pride! Do you agree with his technique? Comment below and let us know what you think.