Dad Puts Newborn Baby In Bath For The First Time. What Follows Is Epic!

Mommies mollycoddling their babies are a familiar sight. It is when daddy dearest begins doting on his child is when we get all excited! From bringing you and your daughter home, to picking her up for the first time, to snatching her away from you to feed her, and finally giving her the first bath; every moment of it worth capturing.

When James Perry uploaded a hugely adorable video that shows him bathing his new baby girl for the first time while mom filmed the two, it went viral! Like many loving parents, your heart will skip a beat at the cuteness of him cooing at her, and tickling the little princess as he gives her a bath. Watch the video here:

James Perry’s little princess was too small to react to this video. She might be up with all her pretentions as she is three years old now.

In another instance, a Brazilian couple uploaded a video of their little girl who adorably fakes a cry each time her father tries cutting her nails.

It’s amazing how fathers want to snatch away these precious moments from moms. The extent to which they can pamper their little ones can be incredibly adorable. Perhaps they pour all their affection in the little time they get to spend with them, juggling with work and other responsibilities. However, doing these little things for their baby a good thing; some of them can be utterly silly (especially to the mothers). But these lovely gestures will help the baby start bonding with the father much sooner than normal. Here are some tips to help other fathers.

  • When You Are Bottle-Feeding The Baby:

Just as the mother keeps the baby in skin-to-skin contact, so should you hold the baby in a near hugging position and gaze at her as he suckles on the bottle.

  • Give Your Baby A Massage:

A warm touch is emotionally stimulating for babies. A soothing and relaxing touch baby massage is a great way to connect with your baby. A massage will work the best when the baby is already smiley and giggly. A fussy baby won’t welcome the gentle rubs even for a minute, let alone a 15-minute massage.

  • Be On Diaper Duty:

You will be able to get over the smelliness as you diaper-change the baby with her cute sounds as you talk to her.

  • Strap The Baby On A Carrier:

As you do the chores, strap the baby on the carrier and carry her along. Vacuum clean the house, do the dishes, turn the washing machine and do just about every chore as your baby is in close contact with you.

  • Have A Dance Party:

Turn the music on sway with your baby. She will be giggling with her little groovy moves with you.

  • Play Time Together:

Playing together is a fantastic way for your baby to have fun. Make sure you set aside a play time together. Play peek-a-boo. You will be surprised that she will be waiting for you to come back from work!

  • Make Silly Faces:

Be the funny guy. Make a funny face. Or be the funny man that will get your baby to grin back at you.

  • The Bedtime Routine:

Scheduling your baby’s bedtime with you is important. Tell her the bedtime stories (even if she doesn’t understand them). Lullabies always work. A gentle pat and a good-night kiss will round up the wonderful time together during the day.

Fathers love their time with their babies. Given a chance, he will do anything to steal the precious moments from you ;)

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