Dad Soothes Newborn Son In Viral Video, Shows The Beauty Of Fatherhood In All Its Complexity

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Babies are adorable and their cute, little antics always get the attention that they rightfully deserve, isn’t it? How many times have you come across a video of these tiny angels that has gone insanely viral? And, don’t these videos become even more endearing if you also get a glimpse of the beautiful equation that they share with their parents?

From the moment that you conceive a baby to the time that you become a parent, everything is just so miraculous. The magic of parenthood is such that even the strong, big men across the world become their mushy selves. And, comforting their little ones can become just as healing for them too.

We came across a viral video recently that reminded us of just this. Recently, Antwon Lee, a first-time dad, visited the pediatrician for his two-month-old son’s immunization shots. And, in the popular clip, you can see Lee comforting and calming down his son, Debias. The raging video has already received around ten million views and we are still counting. What is the reason for this crazy popularity, you ask? Though the reason is pretty simple, it is just the most heartwarming thing ever!

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In the video, you can see Lee holding his adorable, little angel close. And, while cuddling, he is whispering these magical, encouraging words – “Stay strong” and “Daddy loves you”. When you look at the video, you might tear up a bit. And, you won’t know whether it is because you sympathize with the baby boy or it is because of the beautiful relationship that the father-son duo share with each other.

Though you are aware of the importance of vaccinations, there might be something very unsettling when you see a sweet munchkin receiving shots. Of course, it is because of the protective instinct that takes over. In fact, you will also see the otherwise strong men getting all teary-eyed. Since parents are never warned about this, they struggle as they see their little one getting scared, very much like Lee.

Source: Facebook

But, you know there is something else to Lee’s story that makes it even more heartwarming. The day that little Debias got his vaccination shots will be remembered for more than just that. It was also the day that Lee’s 57-year-old dad passed away due to some alcohol-related complications.

Lee, who is 29-year-old himself, is pretty surprised that the video clip has received as much love as it has. And, seeing how viral this video has become, he says that it has brought fatherhood more into perspective. Lee mentioned how he told his son at night that he wishes to see him succeed one day. We are sure that Lee needed all the strength in the world to comfort his baby boy while grieving for his father’s death. We can only guess that the feeling must be somewhat bittersweet.

It is never easy to see your tiny angels in pain even when it is for their own good. And, the pain will only intensify if you are dealing with the loss of someone you are close to. But, as Lee tells his story, you realize how soothing his baby boy was comforting for him too. Perhaps, that is why he refers to his son as his ‘type of angel’.

It is tough not to smile as you wipe away your tears, looking at the father and son bonding with each other. After all, the bond becomes stronger when you share a difficult time together. And, this becomes evident as you see the video clip. There might be many more hurdles in store for them but they seem to be set for it.

We are sure that you must be curious to see the video now. Check the clip out here:

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