10 Dads That Get Full Marks For Creativity

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Moms and dads love their babies equally. However, their approach to child-rearing and care is as different as chalk and cheese. Mommies are generally more cautious and alert around their little ones, and never take chances. However, daddies often have an altogether different take on babysitting and don’t stick to the traditional rules. This is probably what makes it all the more interesting when daddies pitch in to take care of the little munchkins. And, it is no secret that babies too enjoy this occasional change. So, here are a few dads who get full marks for taking care of their little ones, creatively:

1. Not A Vest, But An Armour

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We’ve always known that kids look up to their dads as ‘strong knights in shining armors’. However, this dad actually proved it by using his vest (So what? Aren’t they the same?) to protect his precious baby from falling off the chair. Hilarious yet cute!

2. Going Bananas

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The manner in which this clever dad used a bunch of bananas to hold the bottle in place is enough to make any mom jealous! What’s even more surprising? The baby seems to be quite comfortable going by how calmly she is sleeping. So, this round goes to the dad, and well deserved too!

3. Another Way To Go Hands-Free

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Here’s another dad who has found a clever hack to feed his little angel. That too in a bouncer! All he needed was some imagination, a few straps, and a clever positioning of the toy bar, and bingo! All done in a day’s work!

4. Daddy’s Rapunzel

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This cute little girl’s daddy knows never to give up! He couldn’t figure out how to plait his little daughter’s hair the traditional way. So, what does he do? Simple, he just gives her a new hairstyle – The Rope Plait! Kudos daddy!

5. A Quick Fix And A Healthy Sandwich

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Necessity is the mother of invention. When the morning rush leaves you pressed for time, it’s the moment to think out of the box! Who needs a proper sandwich when this healthy alternative will do? Better than going hungry, we’d say!

6. The Balancing Act

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This dad just gave a new meaning to ‘getting babies to work’ day. While the dad is at work, he sure did a great job of ensuring his kiddo’s safety. A fine example of balancing work with family commitments. And, a great way for dad and son to ‘hang’ around too!

7. A Drip No More

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How often have we shrieked in horror as we ran to stop those sticky drops of ice-cream from dripping on the floor? Now, this dad found an innovative way to keep the mess away. Just push the ice-cream stick into the coffee cup lid! It’s that simple! Did someone just recommend a Nobel Award for this? We’d sure do if we could!

8. The Friend-In-Need Pacifier

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Aren’t pacifiers one of the most slippery items, something that a baby finds hard to hold in the mouth? No worries, because daddy’s here! If it can’t be him, then surely the baby’s cuddly friend can hold it, right? That’s what friends are for anyway!

9. Mom’s Here! Err…Or Is It Dad?

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Mention feeding time and a baby is bound to miss mommy. But dads can feed too, if only they could look like mommy. Not one to be outdone, this daddy found a hack to get the odds in his favor. What’s in a face anyway?

PS: Don’t miss the epic expression on the baby’s face!

10. It’s Swing Time!

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Babies just love swings, don’t they? But it also means standing behind and pushing them continuously because their little legs don’t touch the ground. And then, daddy comes by. A rope long enough to reach his lounging space – comfortable enough yet not too far! No missing on the me-time without giving up on the baby’s swing time!

Hasn’t the creativity of these dads simply blown your mind? It sure did ours! So let us give a round of applause to these dads – cheers! May their tribe increase!

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