5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Loose Your Children On

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Parents are usually protective about children. It’s a good thing to be careful. But how careful should you or your children be? Do you bridle your children too much in a way that they stop deriving all the adventure and excitement, or they stop being creative? Here are a few things that could be dangerous, but you should pretty much allow your children to do (with the note that you watch them, just in case!).

1. Playing with fire:

We expect the outburst of a “No” as we say this. We as kids have been there! We’ve done that! We stealthily played with fire. Our parents may or may not know it. But we have had a close shave with fire! Kids might experiment with fire. They might have their own fire-pit or create an oven. They could learn all about combustion, exhaustion, and believe us or not, by the natural instinct of defense, they will learn to be careful with fire while still having to play with it. All you need to make sure is that they wear cotton or woolen clothes. They sure have more education going on there than the educational toys you can get them!

2. Playing with sharp objects:

Children have a natural tendency to explore sharp objects – it could be anything – screwdriver, blade, knife! Yes, you might think that it is one of the most dangerous things that your kid could have in his possession. But I was amazed seeing little kids chopping vegetables on a cookery show on television. They were pretty good. We guess kids have a natural knack of using them carefully. A couple of scars here or there would heal soon, and perhaps come to be your child’s teacher. You only need to ensure that they keep sharp objects away from their bodies and others’, or electricity. Plus, it’s okay to let your child feel empowered in a positive way.

3. Dismantling appliances:

This is one of the most favorite pastimes of children. They love to dismantle anything from a toy to a home appliance. If you are already planning to discard your stereo system or that old desktop because you want to get the latest version from the market, then don’t throw away the old system. Just let your kids play around with the engineering. They would learn to fix it too in the process! You only must bear in mind that they don’t nibble or swallow the tiny particles.

4. Shooting toy arrows at your child:

It could be one of the ways to sharpen your child’s motor skills. You are giving some exercise to the brain as your child develops his reflexes and analytical skills. In doing so, you stimulate the parietal and frontal lobes of his brain. Your child also develops visualization skills. Shooting arrows or aiming stuff at him helps him develop concentration skills while also getting physical activity as he tries to defend himself.

5. Letting your child drive a car:

This might sound like “What?!” I read about a five-year-old who actually drove his father’s car while they were not aware of it. Not that it is safe to let him do so when you are not around. Or imagine, letting him do that putting your neighbors at risk? Look for an open space where there is no one else driving. Perhaps a farm or an open field. An automated car would serve the purpose. But ensure that you take the seat next to your child, so someone is watching him.

Getting overprotective about our children might only hinder their mental development. But in allowing them to do things that sound dangerous, the only key is to watch them as they have fun the unusual way!

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