Dealing With Baby’s Delicate Skin In The First Three Months

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What a relief it is to deliver a healthy baby! Your nine months of anxiety is gone as all your prayers are answered, and you complete your pregnancy without any complications either for you or the baby.

But hold on. Even as you immerse in the happiness of motherhood, your baby keeps reminding your responsibilities as a mother. In fact, the role of a new mom is so tough that it is as if your pregnancy has been extended by a trimester.

Therefore, it is no wonder that people have come up with a new term – the fourth trimester – to describe the first three months of your baby in this world.

MomJunction has talked to pediatrician and academician Dr. Uday Pai, and skin specialist Dr. Rohini Wadhwani to know more about the care a mother should take for her baby during the ‘fourth trimester’.

They were present at the launch of Comfort Pure, the fabric conditioner for baby’s clothes, in Hyderabad.

4th Trimester And The Mother’s Anxiety

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Explaining the importance of the first three months, Dr. Pai says that the baby comes out into this world after living securely in the mother’s womb for nine months. “Babies require as much care and attention as possible during this time as they gradually adjust to the outside environment,” he adds.

The mother is extremely anxious during the fourth trimester just like she was in her pregnancy. And why not because the baby is so delicate that you are afraid to hold them lest they get marks on their skin; you hesitate to press them to your face as it could create creases on their cheeks; and you never give them a bath without testing the temperature of water.

Skincare For The Newborn

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Skin specialist Dr. Wadhwani agrees that such care is required for a baby’s skin because its in-built defense mechanism is still not ready to face the harsh conditions of the environment outside the mother’s womb.

She says, “A baby’s skin is much more sensitive than an adult’s and therefore one of the top priorities for mums should be the baby’s skincare. It is recommended to use products that are specially researched & containing ingredients tested to be safe on the baby’s sensitive skin.”

Home Remedies For Baby’s Skin

Dr. Wadhwani doesn’t recommend home remedies for babies as young as three months. “We can’t take the risk,” she says.

Dr. Pai agrees with her and observes that the products used for the home remedies come from an unknown source, and we do not know about the quality standards practiced. On the contrary, baby products are specifically formulated for the baby.

Washing The Baby’s Clothes Separately

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Dr. Pai suggests mothers wash the baby’s clothes separately instead of mixing them with adults’ clothes.

Adults use perfumes, deos and other chemicals on their clothes, and all these go into the washing machine. Hence, baby’s clothes need a separate wash, he says.

Moreover, a baby’s clothes should be very soft to avoid rashes or any other harm to their skin.

While buying dresses, towels, bedsheets and other clothes for your newborn, you make sure that they are soft and comfortable. But with repeated washes the fibers become a bit rough. Well-known fabric conditioner Comfort has, therefore, launched Comfort Pure keeping in mind the delicate skin of the babies.

The new product is recommended for clothes of children in the age group of 0-4 years and also for clothes of adults with delicate skin.

Comfort Pure is available in an 18ml sachet for INR 3, 220ml bottle for INR 60 and 860ml bottle for INR 235.