Dear Husband, I'm Glad You're Not Like Other Men

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Dear husband,

Men are men, they say. But you are not.

Before you get intrigued, let me clear the air. You are not a ‘man’ because you don’t have a male ego, you are not a man because you are not a male chauvinist, you are not a man because respecting women comes NATURALLY to you.

Let me begin from the beginning — Our wedding

When I told you we should opt for a simple wedding in a temple, you didn’t think twice before saying yes. Though yours was the last wedding in your family, you convinced your parents that we couldn’t have it lavishly (all because you respected my views).

Quite unconventionally, you have borne the entire expenditure of our wedding. You didn’t ask for a contribution from my side even once, making people wag their tongues. In fact, I remember how your neighbors and relatives have asked about what the new bride brought to the family (referring to the dowry and gifts that are usually demanded by the groom’s side).

Changing surname was never on the agenda

Did we even talk about this? It was never a point of discussion at all. I never saw the need to change my surname and surprisingly you never bothered to suggest that I should! After several years of our marriage, I am proud to continue with my maiden surname, and that reflects how different you are from other men.

You have embraced vegetarianism

“I won’t allow non-vegetarian food in my house,” I remember telling you this haughtily before our marriage, and you were hurt. Hurt not because of the non-vegetarian part but the way I conveyed the message to you. It’s been a decade sweetheart, and never did you breach this arrangement.

What’s more, you helped me make our children vegetarians!

Every time I meet my old male friends, they make it a point to ask me about this: “Did your husband stop eating non-veg? Don’t your children ever ask for non-veg?” And I always observe them for their reaction. They are disappointed that I changed my husband’s eating habits and influenced my children’s too.

Those yummy recipes you dish out for me

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. What’s the way to your woman’s heart? The stomach of course!

You remember the last time I went for a college get-together? We were discussing cooking, and when I told them that you make amazing food, they were taken aback! When I asked them why it should shock them so much, each one of them said they don’t cook at home. And don’t find cooking manly.

My dear, I am glad you are not like them. And you have magic in your hands. You are my Michelin-star chef and no wonder I don’t see the need to go to restaurants anymore. In fact, why would I go to a restaurant and pay VAT and other taxes when I can order everything at home and get it done in my kitchen under hygienic conditions?

The magic goes beyond the kitchen

Did I say you have magic in your hands? Yes. And that is not limited to your culinary skills. You are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, and technician all packed into one and above all an artist as you unleash your creativity in everything you do. The best thing is you love doing those jobs.

My mother says I am lucky to have a craftsman at home. While others have to wait for months for a plumber to come home and plug that leaky tap, all I do is simply tell you the tap is leaking!

And here’s the most important part

When we had our first child, I didn’t even know how to hold the baby. Giving him a bath, dressing him, and putting him to bed, everything was a challenge. But you did them with such dexterity that I still do not understand how you could pull it off. I remember how skillfully you would put the little one to bed when he used to get up in the middle of the night crying for no apparent reason.

By the time our second child came into this world, we were both pros in bringing up children. But I am still amazed how our daughter goes to sleep in a jiffy the moment she rests on your chest! Hey bagpiper, what magic do you do that our children simply dance to your tunes?

Now you know, my husband, why I said you are not a man as defined by our society. You are much more than that, and I am happy you belong to me.

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