Dear Husband, This Is Why I’m Always On My Phone

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Dear Husband,

I know you have a problem with me. You do not like it if I am on the phone constantly. You have been vocal about it, and told me how it annoys to see me immersed in my ‘world’. But I haven’t been articulate enough to tell you why I am always on the phone.

If you thought my mobile is my first love, you are wrong. Maybe it’s time to reveal my side of the story. While I admit that I am on it more often than I should, what you see is not the absolute reality. There’s more beyond it.

I do umpteen things on the gadget – making to-do-lists, setting reminders, scheduling parent-teacher meetings, and shopping groceries. These are just a few.

How do I dish out a new recipe for you every fortnight or kids-friendly snack every week?
I check out that snack or sweet recipe online to cook something special for our family. If you thought the secret to all my yummy dishes was my hand, you are wrong; it’s actually the YouTube.

And what can I say about Whatsapp!

It’s a blessing in a disguise. Besides connecting to my childhood and school friends, I am on dozen other groups related to parenting, mothering, kids group, carpooling group, activities group, etc.

If you thought I was dumping kids on you while I am on the phone, you are mistaken, sweetie. I was posting queries about a suddenly developed rash on our child’s cheek, and I almost always got a solution from one of the groups. And I take time out to reply to a concerned mom on her little one’s allergy or sickness. After all, she is a mom like me, and I am equally concerned about her child.

I have got tremendous help from friends and other mothers with bits of advice on those crazy and mythological outfits for our kids’ fancy dress and cultural competitions. Life would have been tough without Whatsapp.

So, are you thinking, “What about Facebook?”

I am not a Facebook addict, but I have to check it every day as I don’t want to miss out on the parenting blogs. They are important for me to stay updated with the trending things so that I know what on earth are other moms talking about.

As a woman, wife, and mother I need acknowledgment, appreciation, and someone to listen to me. It feels good to learn about other mothers sailing in the same boat as me. Moreover, Facebook is the only place where I can vent out my emotions to be understood by my empathetic social/real friends. Facebook time is equivalent to time-out for me considering that I hardly get time to meet up friends.

“Setting a wrong example for kids,” so you may think

You may think that I am perpetually on the phone, but did you notice this? I make sure that I cut down on the mobile time when kids are around. Ah, let me reveal a little secret here; sometimes I deliberately get hooked on to my phone, so that you get to spend some quality time with them. I love to see you playing with kids and taking care of them while I throw a sly look at you.

Of all the people around me, I don’t want you to judge me because you are the one who knows me inside out. We have evolved from a carefree couple to responsible parents. I’ve never realized how much life changes after kids. In the midst of all this, I wonder how would life be like without a phone. God! It would be terrible to manage things without it.

No, I am not addicted to my phone my dear, this is how I multitask with the help of my gadget. Without which I would perhaps be handicapped.

Hope you understand me!

Your wife