9 Definite Signs Your Baby Is A Genius

Parents love to think that their child is gifted. A genius child, however, is quite rare. If you happen to be one of those lucky parents whose children have an exceptional intelligence or extraordinary skills, then you’ll probably identify most of their traits right from infancy. And, how do you recognize the signs of a genius baby? Well, here you go:

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1. Reach Milestones Early

A genius child will learn to walk, talk, speak, read, etc. much earlier than his peers. Such children might also display muscle skills like grasping things. So, if your baby is trying to jump out of the cradle already, you shouldn’t be taken aback.

2. Sharp Memory

These babies have exceptional memories. They can remember where they placed their favorite toy and retrieve it. Or they might relate to the fact that their favorite food comes from the fridge, and point to the refrigerator when they are hungry.

3. Language Learning

Genius babies begin speaking early. They express a keenness in learning languages. They might also show an interest in books and listening to stories. By the 14th month, gifted children might start speaking two-word sentences without any problems. By the 18th month, they will decipher spoken directions.

4. The Problem-Solver

Show a genius baby how to solve a jigsaw puzzle, and he will learn to solve it in one go. He could find himself entangled in a situation and could use everything around him possible to overcome the situation. For instance, he might want to climb a height and could stack up your library of books to achieve the feat.

5. Curious Minds

Babies are curious about everything. So if you find dismantled toys strewn apart, you know who has done it and why. Don’t expect these babies to play with toys you buy them immediately. They’d want to explore the toy first and understand how it is assembled before they derive the joy of playing.

6. High Levels Of Focus

Gifted children can focus on things with single-minded attention for extended periods. They find many things interesting. It could be developing a skill or listening to a song or a story, but they display intense concentration and determination to learn during the formative years.

7. High Levels Of Alertness And Awareness

Your child makes eye contact with people he likes. He will be able to connect with such people’s voices and recognize their faces rather early. At the same time, your baby might be alarmed at the presence of a stranger. He could be very aware and alert to his surroundings. He might even be alarmed if you touch his belongings in an attempt to organize them – his toys, his clothes, and even when you change his sheets. However, a gifted child also adapts well to new surroundings and has no problem with adjusting new situations or people.

8. Less Sleep

You cannot call it sleep deprivation because genius babies don’t like to sleep! Their ever curious, active mind will keep them awake for long hours. They might be light sleepers who could wake up at little sounds or minor disturbances as well. Your baby could be agitated and annoyed when it’s time to sleep because sleeping turns out to be one of his most mundane activities! The not-so-relaxed ones will start wailing because there is no way they can communicate how they find sleep boring.

9. Prodigy With A Certain Art

Few babies exhibit a prodigal talent in music, dance, or an individual skill. Identifying these skills early will help you instill and nurture your baby as he grows up.

If your baby exhibits one of these signs, he sure is a genius. If you are obsessing over your baby’s mental prowess, just look for one of these cues. You might as well be amazed that you are the parent of a genius!

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