5 Diwali Rules Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Follow

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Pregnancy is a bittersweet experience in life. It comes with its own set of dos and don’ts. Some make you feel good while some make you feel not so good! And yes, this article is also influenced by my own personal experience. A couple of years ago, I was pregnant during Diwali! Can you beat that? Well, my parents and my in-laws had a list of dos and don’ts for me.

While I ranted and complained a lot then, I think it was surely the best thing to do. You know I did follow all the dos and don’ts to the T. Now, I am a healthy mother to a healthy two-year-old cutie!

Follow this simple list of dos and don’ts, if you are pregnant this Diwali:

1. Don’t overeat just because it’s Diwali

Diwali, along with diyas, guests, and greetings, also means sweets and namkeens. But you need to watch out that bulging abdomen, the home to your baby. In fact, you should eat healthier during pregnancy. Deep fried foods and sugar and ghee-filled sweets may lead to heartburn and acidity, which may ruin your day. Instead, choose what you eat wisely. Have tasty and healthy dry fruit halwa and homemade kheer.

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2. Don’t go near the crackers

This isn’t something that I ought to tell you. I am sure your partner and your family will not allow you anywhere near crackers and fireworks this Diwali. But, it’s better to state it here, in case you forget that you’re pregnant and decide to go burst just that one cracker! Please don’t. It’s best to watch fireworks, and others having fun bursting crackers and rockets of all kinds from behind a closed window or wall!

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Also, don’t expose yourself to crackers’ toxic smoke or loud noises of bursting Diwali bombs! Sudden and loud noises can impact your baby in the womb.

3. Wear comfortable and safe clothes

Don’t wear loose dresses or clothes that have parts hanging out. Ideally, don’t wear sarees, long kurtas and dupattas, which are made of silk, nylon, etc. These catch fire very fast. Look at Bollywood divas, who wear special pregnancy house dresses, gowns, and nighties! Take few hints from them. Also, choose comfortable cotton dresses always.

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Another important point to remember is that if you cannot view your feet or clothing completely while lighting lamps, please ask for help. Ideally, don’t light diyas without supervision.

4. Don’t deep clean your house

Yes, I know you deep clean your house every year before Diwali. This year, take a break. Take a chill pill. Relax. Deep cleaning may affect your immune system in more ways than one… You may inhale stale air, dust, and other pathogens. Also, chances of slipping, falling, or spraining your back or ankle are high.

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Hire a professional, home deep cleaning agency via one of those urban house services apps! And the best thing is, this Diwali your guests will pay more attention to you and your bump than how clean your house is!

5. Drink water. More than usual.

You may not do much household work, there may be lots of idle time and you may even sleep in the afternoons! So, between all the delicious and nutritious food, gossip and fun, please don’t forget to have water. You should have tender coconut water and buttermilk regularly.

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Yes, abstain from alcoholic drinks and colas as they’re a complete no-no during pregnancy.

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Yes, I understand that food temptations, late-night urges, and sudden cravings during pregnancy are normal and happen to all mothers-to-be. But, taking care of your health and safety will surely go a long way in ensuring that you have a healthy pregnancy, delivery and a healthy baby.

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