7 Dos And Don'ts For Introducing The Baby To The World

7 Dos And Don'ts For Introducing The Baby To The World

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For every parent, one of the biggest highlights is when they get to welcome a cute, tiny angel in the world. The nine months that lead to the big day are pretty strenuous, with the childbirth being an even tougher process for moms. But, that makes the moment when they hold their babies for the first time even more special. This phase might be very exciting but it is important for parents to be a little cautious, given how delicate the little ones are. Here, we bring you some dos and don’ts that every parent should keep in mind after the baby has arrived:

1. Figure Out The Best Possible Way

Figure Out The Best Possible Way

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Yes, you might have spent hours on the internet once you realized that you are pregnant, finding out every information you can possibly think of. And, you may have also sought help from your friends and parents. But, it is important to research more and understand things in depth. So, consult a medical professional once and discuss all the things you have learned till now. No one will be able to guide you better than him/her.

2. Clean Your Hands

Clean Your Hands

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A mom’s hygiene can make all the difference between a sick baby and a healthy baby. At such a young age, the little ones still haven’t learned how to effectively fight off the infections. With their immune systems still developing, it is important to keep them away from germs and bacteria. So, please clean your hands carefully before coming in contact with your little infant.

3. Your Bundle Of Joy Needs Sunshine

Your Bundle Of Joy Needs Sunshine

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What your little one needs is direct yet mild sunlight. But, be careful about overexposing him/her to the strong rays of the sun. Just ten to fifteen minutes in a day is more than enough. Also, go out at a time when it is not too hot, perhaps during late-evening or mid-morning. This will help with your little sunshine’s growth and development.

4. Lay Them On Their Back

Lay Them On Their Back

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When you are placing your little one down, always do so on his/her back. Steer away from putting your baby down sideways or on his/her belly. Ensuring that the babies sleep on their back is known to be an effective precaution against the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) (1).

5. Don’t Listen To Everyone

Don't Listen To Everyone

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When you just become a mother, there will be numerous occasions on which you might receive unsolicited advice, from more or less experienced fellow moms alike. You can’t take each advice as it is. You will have to carefully choose whether or not a particular advice works for you. Doing what suits the best for your little one is what matters the most.

6. Don’t Force Your Angel To Eat

Don't Force Your Angel To Eat

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Every mom gets pretty concerned when it comes to her little infant’s well-being. That is why she keeps worrying about whether or not her baby has eaten properly. Especially when she is breastfeeding because it becomes difficult to determine how much the kiddo has actually consumed. Do you relate to this too? Don’t worry, there are several ways you can figure out whether your little one is full. He/she might stop latching or vomit out the milk if overfed. Also, if you are changing your baby’s diaper enough number of times a day, it is an indicator that he/she is eating well.

7. Try Staying Away From Crowded Places

Try Staying Away From Crowded Places

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Newborns can be pretty sensitive, delicate, and also unpredictable. Thus, crowded places such as movie theaters, restaurants, concerts, and flights are probably not a great idea. For these tiny angels, these areas are like a hub of germs and bacteria. Also, kids can feel uncomfortable and become pretty fussy when it is noisy. But, this doesn’t mean that it is “indoors” all the way. You can always go to your neighborhood park for a stroll.

Do you have any dos and don’ts in your mind? If yes, please let us know in the comments section below!

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