Due Next Year? These Are The Hottest Baby Names For 2018

Due Next Year These Are The Hottest Baby Names For 2018

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What’s more difficult than having a baby?

Naming a baby!

Drop the bomb of naming your yet unborn child in front of your partner, and you can expect a war that lasts for months! The word ‘veto’ will be heard more loudly and clearly in the cacophony of a myriad of names, and there would probably still be no clear winner as the due date approaches.

However, fear not as it’s that time of the year! The time when the biggest baby name trends for the upcoming year are revealed. So, if you have a baby due next year, and haven’t settled on a name yet, check out these baby name trends for 2018!

Names With X, Y, Z Are Going To Be Hot

With baby names, one of the things parents look for most is uniqueness or originality. And there’s no better way to pick out an unusual name for your child than to select one that begins with either X, Y or Z. While X and Y names are gaining popularity, names that begin with Z are taking the spotlight. The best part about names with Z is that they’re usually short, hence, less scope for mispronunciation!

Our Top Picks: For boy’s names with X, we suggest Xavi, Xander, and Xavier, while for girls,Xena and Xenia sound great. Yara, Yami, and Yasmin are options with Y for girls; as for boys, these are Yash, Yug, and Yuvi. With Z, for girls, we recommend Zoya, Zara, and Zeba, and for boys Zain, Zayed, and Zuber.

Long Names Will Witness A Comeback

Short names are surely going to be around, but long names are going to make a big comeback in the year 2018! Expect names with more phonetics and vowel sounds, a minimum of at least 2 to 3 in one name. This year, parents want a name that speaks substance and sounds solid when either written or spoken out loud.

Our Top Picks: Boy’s names like Ayushmaan, Reyansh, Chitrabhanu, Raghavendra, etc. fit right into the long name trend. As for girls, names such as Aabharana, Aashiyana, Mokshita, and Niharika are elegant and unique at the same time.

Vowel Names Will Soar In Popularity

Vowels are a part of almost each and every name on this planet. However, the next year is going to be all about names that begin with either A, E, I, O or U! And no points for guessing that the alphabet with the most names is going to be the one and only A. Names that have more vowel sounds and seem soft and flowy will also witness an upsurge.

Our Top Picks: Girl names that start with vowels such asAashna, Ekantika, Ishanvi, Omana, and Umika. For boys, our suggestions are Akarshan, Ekram, Iraj, Ojas, and Umang.

Exotic Monikers Will Hold Sway

India is a melting pot of diverse cultures and it happens to be a nation that loves to adopt and adapt all that ever touches this land. Hence, it’s no wonder that exotic names are one of the popular trends that will make its presence felt when it comes to baby names in 2018.

Our Top Picks:Taking a cue from Farah Khan, we recommend boy names such as Axel, Phoenix, and Zeus. Elise, Zaliki, and Corazon are our picks for girls.

Technology Inspired Names

In this digital age, more and more parents are hopping online to pick out names, and are considering whether their child’s name will sound good on Facebook or Twitter when they grow up! Interestingly, popular online bloggers will also inspire people to name their child after these Internet figures.

Our Top Picks: Scherry, Neil, Shivya, etc. are the names of popular Indian bloggers that parents can choose from.

Hasn’t choosing a name for your child become even more confusing? Take our suggestion and ultimately pick one that’s meaningful, sounds beautiful, and manages to roll right off your tongue. No pressure!

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