What's On Your Baby's Bed? 5 Safe And Durable Items To Add To Your Baby's Bedding This Winter

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We know many lullabies and bedtime stories to put our babies to bed. For ages, these activities have appeared to do the trick. Lullabies and stories can make our babies sleep quite alright. But will it help them sleep comfortably all night?

If there’s one ingredient that guarantees sweet and wonderful sleep for your baby all night long, it’s the nature of your baby’s bedding. And now that it’s winter season, having your baby’s bedding properly set-up is an absolute necessity.

Before putting your baby’s bedding together, here are some of the items you must consider.

1. Mattress

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We’ve all had moments at some point where we wished to lie down for a moment, but we couldn’t because the environment wasn’t comfortable. And the first thing that would come to our minds in these moments will be our comfy beds. We think of it any time sleep comes calling.

If your mattress means that much to you and your sleep, think of how much it’d mean to your baby. There are varieties of baby mattresses from which you can choose. So, ensure you get a good one. Some come with a firm PU foam mattress. They provide lumbar support and come with premium cotton bedding sets and mosquito nets. They also come in different colors and patterns.

2. Bed Protector

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Once you’ve secured a high-quality mattress for your baby, next up on the list should be getting a bed protector. Bed protectors are designed to reduce the rate at which the mattress wears to last for a longer period.

Mattress protectors are generally safe and will not put your baby in harm’s way. They are made with waterproof sheets. You can spread and easily tuck them into the bedding. The waterproof sheets protect the bed from spillage or an unexpected diaper leakage.

You will only need to clean up the sheet, replace it, and let it dry up, and you will be able to use the bed again in no time.

3. Sheets

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Getting a good mattress will let your child sleep well. But if you’re going for maximum comfort – we assume that’s what you want – then you’d need more than a good mattress. You’d need to get some premium quality sheets.

Using proper sheets that have the right fabric and dimensions on your baby’s mattress enhances the breathability and comfort of your baby. It also makes your baby feel safe.

When spreading the sheet, ensure you tuck it under the mattress properly. This is to prevent suffocation or strangulation.

For best results, buy light-colored flannel cotton or pure cotton sheets.

4. Blankets

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Everybody enjoys the comfort of a blanket during winter, especially your baby. The cold weather can hurt your baby if they’re not properly dressed. So, blankets are an absolute necessity.

When shopping for blankets, go for lightweight and soft wool, cotton, cashmere, or hemp baby blankets and quilts. For babies less than 12 months old, it’s best to go for wearable blankets, sleep sacks, onesies, and swaddling for safety as well as comfort.

If you use thinner covers, arrange them based on directions and reduce them when the baby starts feeling hot. You can use swaddle blankets to keep your baby warm. They are perfect for babies 0 to 2 months old.

5. Mosquito Net

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You need to keep every flying insect away from your baby. Luckily, that’s precisely what mosquito nets do. A mosquito net will prevent your little one from buzzing insects and help them sleep soundly.

You can get either one of a combo pack bedding set that comes with a mosquito net or a separate net of suitable size.

A baby that sleeps well is healthy. So always be ready to splash the cash on your baby’s sleeping essentials. Identify the right bedding materials for your baby and find the right products that will suit them.

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