12 Easy And Colorful Rainbow DIYs For Your Little Wonder! Try Them Right Away!

Who doesn’t love rainbow colors? They are such a delight to the eyes! It’s more so with kids. They love to indulge in anything that has to do with rainbows – right from rainbow colored desserts to crafts to even imagining themselves walking on the rainbow! Here are few ways they would love to have their fascination with rainbow come to life:

1. Paint A Rainbow Flower

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Pluck a large flower – a dahlia or a daisy would do. Now paint the layers in different rainbow colors. If the flower doesn’t have layers, paint with dividing groups of petals symmetrically for different colors. What colors could you use? Fabric paints or Acrylics will be a good choice. Let it dry and you could go on doing this until you have a bouquet of flowers!

2. Rainbow Easter Eggs

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Paint Easter Eggs in rainbow colors. Showcase a mélange of rainbow eggs this Easter. You could have a Rainbow Easter Eggs themed party as well.

3. Make Your Rainbow Lego City

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Pull out the building blocks with the rainbow colors. Make your arches, driveways and homes with these colorful Lego or building blocks. Traverse them with rainbow playdough. It will make it look like the most perfect colorful, funky town.

4. Rainbow Palm Painting

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Make palm-impressions in rainbow colors. Gather friends and make a huge collage. It will make an amazing souvenir to last.

5. Rainbow Ice-cream Sticks

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You can make innumerable objects out of ice-cream sticks. Paint them in the VIBGYOR colors. Let them dry. Then with glue, stick them together in a variety of combinations to make a rainbow hand-fan, a colorful house or a boat.

6. Rainbow Paper-Craft

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If you have hands for making paper crafts, then do this. Make a rainbow color chain of birds or your favorite objects. You could even make cut-outs of the alphabet, each being glued with different color papers. How about a lampshade? It will be the most amazing thing to have children a multi-color glowing lampshade hanging out in their bedrooms.

7. Rainbow Photo-Frame

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Use color-papers, confetti or multicolor ribbons to stick on the edges of a photo-frame. You could create your photo frame with a cardboard base, a transparent sheet to go atop it. Stick the sheet on three corners only so as to create an inlet for photo. Remember to keep the sizes matching a standard photo size. Once this is intact, you can decorate the edges and the corners with your rainbow material.

8. Rainbow Rubber Bands

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Intertwine a variety of multicolored rubber bands. Use one end to tie your hair. Alternatively, assemble different rubber bands together and paste them in a shape that you desire. How about a heart, a bow or friendship bands?

9. A Colorful Tapestry

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Stick out bands of knitted woolen wear. Make a tapestry to use as glass holder, dining set cover. You could also weave them together to make a fabulous wall-hanging. How about Aztec designs to make them look like authentic handiwork from the South American prairies?

10. Rainbow Marbles

Dip marbles of all sorts in random VIBGYOR colors. Either let them dry or allow them to roll on a sheet of paper to produce the most colorful collage.

11. Play Dough

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Pick play dough good enough with all the rainbow colors. Now you are free to make your colorful clay garden or an assembly of your most favorite clay things.

12. Greeting Cards

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What best way to greet the loved ones but with greeting cards? Use cartridge papers to do this. Fold them in a half. Sprinkle a cloud of VIBGYOR with the help of an old toothbrush. It will give an incredible background. You could make little painting there if you wish. Once it dries, just write off your bit of poetry or a beautiful message.

If it has just stopped raining with the sun already out, look for the rainbow. If kids are all excited about the sight, get them to do one of these activities to have more themed fun.

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