You Might Feel Fine — Yup, Easy Pregnancies Actually Exist

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If there’s one thing you know for sure about pregnancy, it is the uncomfortable symptoms that you have to endure for nine months until you have to push a tiny human out of you. Every pregnancy book you’ve ever read will tell you how to deal with morning sickness, nausea, sore breasts, food aversions, exhaustion, and weird food cravings. When you read about pregnancy and prepare yourself for those nine months, it’s only natural that you expect the worst of symptoms because that’s what you’re familiar with. But what if we told you that there are pregnancies that are easy too?

It might be unheard of, or perhaps women don’t talk about it enough because it’s not the norm, but easy pregnancies do exist. It’s rare, but it’s not totally outrageous to believe that pregnancies don’t have to be super hard. Unlike how pregnancies are portrayed in movies, commercials, books, and pop culture, sometimes, you have the opposite experience, and it’s beyond lucky to be in that spot.

Now, don’t get us wrong, it has nothing to do with how well you take care of yourself or what you eat, so don’t go around blaming women who have difficult pregnancies that it’s because of their “lifestyle”. Sometimes, it is simply luck that’s actually in your favor, and God picks you as a favorite — must be nice!

What Is Pregnancy Is Synonyms With?

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For someone who is bloated, crying, nauseous and exhausted, an “easy pregnancy” might seem strange. You might even wonder if it actually exists, but the truth is that sometimes (very rarely), it does. When you think of pregnancy, the “normal” symptoms associated with it are the uncomfortable symptoms. There is nothing unusual about it because that’s normal, and that’s what indicates that you’re pregnant.

The first uncomfortable symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness, which, unlike the name, is not restricted to only morning time. The next comes bloating, cramping, food aversions, and whatnot. Your breasts get sore, your feet swell up, and your backache is through the roof. You name it, and you have it. When that’s the case, being pregnant without these symptoms seems rather unsettling, doesn’t it?

Imagine feeling fine during those nine months. No headache or body aches, no nausea, and sore breasts, but your belly continues to grow like it’s supposed to. You aren’t too exhausted and do not experience any food aversion or weird cravings. It might seem like an unachievable dream, but ladies, it does exist. You can simply take a positive approach and prepare all the cures and treatments beforehand for immediate reduction of pain. And if you are one of the lucky few who find this relatable, the rest of us are not going to shy away from telling you that we are JEALOUS!

“Normal” Is Different For Every Woman

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Yes, there are a set of experiences that a woman has to endure while being pregnant, but if you do not experience these “normal” symptoms, you have no reason to freak out. What’s normal for you doesn’t have to be normal for someone else. “Normal” looks different for every woman, and that’s okay.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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It might feel like a blessing for some women to not experience belly-turning symptoms associated with pregnancy, but there are women who naturally take stress a lot, tend to overthink that it might be something abnormal. Though it is very rare for any such abnormality to happen, the possibility cannot be completely ruled out. There are cases where women cross half of their pregnancy period without realizing that they are pregnant. When that starts happening, it is time to get serious. Polycystic ovarian syndrome will cause a miscarriage and is also the leading cause of infertility in women. Sometimes, many women try to conceive repeatedly after consultation with the doctor. But recurring episodes of miscarriage are an indication of this syndrome. Usually, women suffering from this syndrome will hardly experience any pregnancy symptoms, which might give the illusion of a smooth-sailing experience.

There are a lot of signs to detect this abnormality which you will normally not associate with being pregnant. Some of them include, excessive hair growth in uncommon places like upper lip or around your areolas, skipped menstrual cycles more often than usual, abnormal hormone fluctuations, etc. Other, hard to detect symptoms would be excessive hair loss and balding, oily skin and scalp roots, and obesity (1). The only way to detect this symptom is to get an ultrasound done. If the scan shows the presence of polycystic ovaries, that’s your indication right there. Many times, women suffering through this syndrome do not respond to insulin administration. It hardly affects their senses. It does not mean that your immunity is very strong, but the indication of something bad.

You must be wondering what is the actual cause of PCOS. The truth is apart from a few factors, it can occur to anybody. Genetics are a big cause. If your mom’s lineage and forefathers had any history of infertility, it is possible that it caused your PCOS. Abnormal increase of male hormones also leads to this disease. There are no known treatments invented to cure this syndrome. But many medications are prescribed to keep menstrual cycles at bay or other lifestyle changes.

However, chances of that happening are rare. So don’t freak out if you have an easy breezy pregnancy. While you’re enjoying those nine months of pure magic, all you have to do is focus on your growing baby and yourself. As long as the two of you are safe and healthy, the external symptoms do not matter as much. Continue visiting your doctor for regular checkups, enjoy the attention and love you receive from everyone around you during your pregnancy and allow yourself to be pampered in any way you may like. Because ultimately, your baby’s health and yours are the only things that matter. Besides, with an easy pregnancy, you will have the resources to plan your baby’s nursery, baby shower, and hospital stay better without dealing with the other stuff that makes it difficult. Was your pregnancy an easy one? Let us know in the comments below what pregnancy symptoms you had!


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