18 Essential Items For Postpartum Recovery

Essential Items For Postpartum Recovery

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The road to recovery after childbirth can be tedious and painful for the new mother. Add to this, she’ll have her hands full with new mommy duties. All this may leave her too pressed for time for some self-care. But care she must to let her body heal. With a few essentials in her bag, the postpartum recovery should come along just fine. Here’s what they are:

1. Heavy Soak Maxi Pads

Heavy Soak Maxi Pads

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You’ll most likely bleed heavily for the next 2-3 weeks after birth. This bleeding will be more than your regular menstrual bleeding and will require maxi pads that’ll soak a lot more. Thus, it tops the list.

2. Waterproof Gel Packs (Cold)

Waterproof Gel Packs

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Soon after delivery, your lady bits are bound to pain a lot. Swelling is common too. At such times, you can use the waterproof gel packs on the area to soothe the pain and swelling.

3. Cotton Briefs

Cotton Briefs

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They may look less attractive than their glamorous lacy cousins. But trust us, they are so comfortable that you’ll never want to wear something else later on. Plus, your maxi pads will fit into them easily.

4. Laxative


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With those stitches in your lady bits, even the slightest bit of pressure is a complete no-no. Not even for your regular bowel movements. So, keep a laxative within reach until you heal completely.

5. Hemorrhoid Ointment

Hemorrhoid Ointment

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Most women experience hemorrhoids or bloody stools during the last trimester or soon after childbirth. Therefore, this ointment is a must-have in your postpartum recovery kit.

6. Over-The-Counter Pain Killers

Over-The-Counter Pain Killers

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Keep some over-the-counter pain killers handy to deal with any emergency postpartum pain. Your doctor might also prescribe some pain killers too.

7. Reusable Perineal Cooling Pads

Reusable Perineal Cooling Pads

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Just like gel cold packs, the perineal cooling pads can be used to soothe you down there. The best part is it can fit inside your pad and comes with a disposable cover. You can simply discard the cover after use and reuse the cooling pad with a fresh cover.

8. A Soak Tub

A Soak Tub

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You’ll be required to soak yourself in a tub of warm water and Betadine solution to help heal the stitches, especially after a normal delivery. This tub will provide you with a comfortable seating position to soak yourself in the med.

9. Postpartum Pillow

Postpartum Pillow

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These pillows come with a hollow center that helps you sit without putting any pressure on the tender area down there.

10. Nursing Bra

Nursing Bra

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A comfortable and well-fitting nursing bra is extremely essential soon after your baby is born.

11. Nipple Gel Pads

Nipple Gel Pads

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Engorged nipples will be quite the norm after you start breastfeeding. These gel pads for your nipples will help soothe the pain in a jiffy. They’ll easily fit into your bra too.

12. Nipple Cream

Nipple Cream

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Another essential for your engorged nipples is the nipple cream. Get one with lanolin in it to help heal cracked and engorged nipples.

13. Nursing Pads

Nursing Pads

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Nursing pads act as your savior from those embarrassing moments when your nipples leak in public after a feeding session.

14. Breast Pumps

Breast Pumps

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Breast pumps help take off the load when you are ready to wean and don’t wish to bottle-feed formula milk.

15. Granola Bars

Granola Bars

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Eating on time might be something that’ll be out of the window for a while until you settle into your new routine. So, keep these granola bars handy. They are healthy, filling, and come in various combos if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

16. Pajama Sets

Pajama Sets

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They are stylish to look, easy for nursing, and are super comfortable. Need we say more?

17. Mommy Shirts

Mommy Shirts

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These shirts look stylish and colorful for an outing and come with overlapping flaps that are easy for breastfeeding as well.

18. Leggings


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With all the soreness and stitches, wearing jeans will not be an option for some time. So, go for flexible leggings in different colors and prints. You can combine them with a mommy shirt and throw on a long coat, and voila! you’re ready for a day out in the sun, stylishly!

So, have you got your postpartum essentials already? If not, then why delay? Simply take notes from the list we’ve given, bag them, and make ready your very own postpartum survival kit.

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