10 Essential Parenting Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

10 Essential Parenting Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

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With parenting comes its own share of responsibilities and challenges. And, this experience is unique to each parent. But, we can all agree with one thing – ‘parenting is no mean feat’. After all, you feel entirely responsible for another person’s well-being. From taking care of your little one’s napping and feeding habits to trying and ensuring that he/she grows up to be a good human being, there are just too many things to take care of. But, there are always tips that you can incorporate to make your life just a tiny bit easier, at least for a few things here and there. And, here we bring you some of these life hacks:

1. Non-Slip Footwear

Non-Slip Footwear

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Did you know that you can customize both the slippers and the socks to make them non-slippery? All you have to do is apply specks of glue on the sole of the footwear. And, this one-minute task will help prevent any accidental falls, which might have given you nightmares till now.

2. Drawing On The Walls

Drawing On The Walls

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How many times have you stopped your kids from drawing on the walls? But then, it is not that easy to stop your children from exploring their creativity. So, let us suggest you a better idea. There are crayons available in the market that can be removed by just wiping the surface off with a cloth. Just bring these crayons home and let your kids run wild with their creativity.

3. Fresh Apple Snacks

Fresh Apple Snacks

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Aren’t apples just the best snacks ever? Not only are they healthy, but kids also love them. The only problem is that apples after being cut into slices tend to turn brown after some time. But, there is a simple hack for this. Just add a pinch of salt on the slices and then wash them right before giving it to your little one. Also, don’t worry, there will be no taste of salt.

4. Safety Bracelets

Safety Bracelets

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Do you stop yourself from going out because of the fear of losing your kiddo in a crowded place? If yes, then get a customized bracelet with your contact number next time you step out. Just give your little one the bracelet so that it becomes easier for him/her to seek help if need be.

5. Straws With No Mess

Straws With No Mess

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Children love to pull out the straw from their drink and play with it. Rather than stopping them each time, you can simply buy the crazy upside down straws. What will that achieve, you ask? They won’t be able to remove these straws, and thus, there will be no mess.

6. Just The Correct Amount Of Soap

Just The Correct Amount Of Soap

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If you want to prevent your kid from using too much of a soap or a lotion, just wind your rubber band around its pump. And, you will finally be able to bid goodbye to the accidental spillage and the resulting mess.

7. Toilet Roll Guide

Toilet Roll Guide

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Have you noticed your kid wasting a lot of toilet paper? Don’t know what to do? Maybe, a mark on the wall to indicate how much of the toilet paper is required can help.

8. No Accidental Lock-Ins

No Accidental Lock-Ins

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If your little one ends up locking himself/herself out of the door too often, you can use a rubber band to keep the door open.

9. Messy Doll Hair

Messy Doll Hair

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If it looks like the doll’s hair is a tangled bunch of mess, just use two spoons of fabric softener mixed with two spoons of water to untangle the hair. You could also use a hair conditioner instead of fabric softener. After all, the dolls also need their regular dose of hair conditioning.

10. Ice Lolly Drip Master

Ice Lolly Drip Master

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If you wish to bid goodbye to the problematic sticky hands, just take a cupcake case and place it at bottom of the ice lolly stick. This is the only shield that you need against the dripping ice cream.

Can you think of any other hacks, which can help your fellow moms out? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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