Every Parent-To-Be Must Read This OB/GYN’s Pregnancy FAQ


When you are pregnant, there are a number of questions that come to your head, especially if it is your first time. The questions can range from how you will take care of your little one when he/she is inside the womb to how you will raise your baby after he/she arrives into the world. While it may be easy to be enamored by the idea of a “human being growing within you” when you come across it in a storybook, it can be pretty scary in reality. In fact, it might freak you out quite a bit, making you question whether or not you are prepared enough to welcome a “part of you” into this world.

And, when an expecting mother freaks out, one of the first person she confides in is her gynecologist. So, you can imagine a range of questions that a gynec has to face on a daily basis. So much so that they can also have their own online page of “Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs”.

In fact, there is a photo that became insanely viral recently. What was so special about this pic, you ask? There is a gynec who compiled a list of FAQs, answering them in the most hilarious way possible. And, the cherry on the cake was that the doc stuck this in the waiting room, perhaps with an aim to ease out all the expecting parents. And, looking at the list, we are sure that it will definitely calm down the soon-to-be parents even before they enter the doc’s chamber.

Yes, pregnancy is a pretty serious thing but it won’t hurt to laugh out all your worries, right? Are you curious enough now? Okay, let’s cut to the chase. So, here we are with these list of FAQs:

1. Can I Welcome A Baby Into This World After 35?


If you already have 35 kids, perhaps having another one will be a little too much to handle. Don’t you think?

2. I Have Been Pregnant For Two Months Now. When Will My Little One Move?


You seem to be in a hurry. If you are lucky enough, your kids might move soon after they are done with their college (pun intended).

3. How Can I Know For Sure That It Is A Boy Or A Girl?


Just wait for your angel to come into the world and you will know for sure. After all, nothing can be more reliable than that.

4. Now That My Wife Is Almost Five Months Pregnant, She Can Be Pretty Moody.


Just to be clear, what is the question here exactly?

5. I Have Been Told That What I Will Feel During Labor Is Less Of Pain And More Of Pressure. Is That True?


Yes, one might say that. Especially if they think that tornado is nothing but a simple air current.

6. What Is The Most Appropriate Time To Take An Epidural?


The best time would probably be soon after you discover that your little one has made an entry into your womb.

7. Is It Necessary To Stay With My Wife In The Delivery Room At The Time Of Labor?


If you want your wife to continue loving you, the answer is a big, fat “YES”!

8. What Should I Stay Away From On My Path To Recovery?


There is only one small thing you need to avoid – another pregnancy!

9. Is The Baby Shower Really Needed?


If you keep changing your baby’s diaper on time, there will be no need for it.

10. I Just Welcomed My Baby Two Weeks Back. When Is My Lovely Wife Going To Start Acting Normal Again?


For that, you will have to wait until your angel is in college.

Aren’t these answers just the most hilarious thing ever? Kudos to the genius doc who came up with this. Also, good luck to all the soon-to-be parents!

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