This Exam Season Give Your Child The Precious Gift Of A ‘Bottle Of Love’

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Stress, anxiety, panic, loneliness – these are just a few of the things students experience every exam season. Especially those who stay away from home. Each year, different educational institutions host over 80 competitive exams in the country, to study for which students often have to leave their homes and face the stressful examinations alone (1).

In fact, studies show that 9 out of 10 Indians in the age group of 18-34 suffer from stress, a large part of which is made up of students (2). While the right brain foods can help ensure success in their academic endeavors, bodily nutrition can only go so far in beating the stress. What children battling exams need is emotional nutrition. AKA the love and support of their mothers.

For children who live away from home, emotional nutrition is not easy to come by. The distance makes it harder for mothers to show that they’re there through every trial and triumph their children bravely face alone. Fortunately, Horlicks in collaboration with FCB aims to bridge this gap with their special #BottleOfLove campaign so mothers can break location barriers and give their hard-working children the emotional nutrition they need!

Exam Season Give Your Child

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Continuing with the spirit of their #Fearless Kota campaign, which the leading children’s health drink brand launched last year, Horlicks attempts to take it up a notch by giving the mothers of the nation the opportunity to send their “Bottle Of Love” anywhere across India. The brand realizes that children need emotional support more than anything else to cope with the pressure and give their exams without an ounce of fear.

With Horlicks’ “Bottle Of Love” initiative, mothers can now emotionally reconnect with their children and give them the moral support their kids need in this crucial time. Parents can send their children a “Bottle of Love” by logging on to and filling in the necessary details. An empty bottle will be sent by Horlicks to the parents’ house after that. Mommies, you can fill the bottle of love with anything your heart desires – be it a scarf or a pen, a book or a poster. Your special memorabilia will be delivered to your children by Horlicks so they are enwrapped in the warmth of your love and support.

Horlicks also released a new ad film to show their commitment to providing children with the requisite emotional nutrition and empowering mothers to give them the very same. Their touching advert begins with a moving account of the real-life stories of students who had to leave their homes to make their and their parents’ dreams come true. It shows the challenges and stress they face each day in their journey along with the feelings of their mothers, who wish nothing more than to be with them in these trying times.

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The ad film ends on a beautiful and happy note as mothers pack in their children’s favorite items in the ‘Bottle of Love’ and send it to their children. The children’s faces upon receiving them inadvertently break out into a smile. A smile of confidence knowing that now they have the emotional nutrition they need to face the challenge of grueling examinations with confidence and courage!

Mothers of the nation, it is your chance now to send your “Bottle of Love” to your child who’s studying in a place away from home. Give your children the precious gift of your “Bottle of Love” filled with sweet goodies to them this exam season so they can cope with the stress and come out with flying colors.

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