9 Facts About Ovarian Cysts Every Woman Should Know

Facts About Ovarian Cysts Every Woman Should Know

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There’s so much a woman’s ovaries go through. And yet they are holding on, stronger than ever, producing babies, taking you through beautiful phases of life, one after the other. I never paid much heed to my ovaries till I had a baby. But then, my gynecologist ran me through their supremacy, and I was proud of them.

Six months ago. I visited my gynecologist for a regular checkup, and she told me I had cysts on both my ovaries. Obviously, I was a little freaked out but what’s important is it led me to some real research. And here I am to share my findings with fellow women. There are a lot of websites that talk about Ovarian Cysts, but the medical jargon is too difficult to comprehend.

So, here’s my simplified version that might be helpful to understand this beast taking over our precious ovaries. I am going to enlighten you with the causes of ovarian cysts, home remedies to cure them and natural prevention methods to make sure you never get them again. Are you ready girls?

What are ovarian cysts?

The cysts on your ovaries look like thin sacs filled with fluids that develop inside or on the surface of the ovaries. About 70% of women develop ovarian cysts at least once in their lifetime. Inside the pelvis, our uterus holds two almond shaped ovaries. In fertile years, ovaries envelop eggs in a fluidic space called follicle. The follicle keeps the egg for a while and then pushes it into a fallopian tube once a month. Now if this follicle decides not to release the egg, it grows bigger and turns into a follicle cyst.

There’s also something called as corpus luteum cyst, which is a cavity formed due to follicle rupture that releases the egg. Another rare form of cyst is called dermoid cyst. These are formed when unfertilized cells start dividing in ovaries.

If cysts are small, they vanish on their own in a few weeks. But larger cysts can bleed, cause pelvic pain, irregular period, bloating stomach, lower back pain and decrease fertility. And that’s what we plan to tackle here.

Home remedies to cure ovarian cysts and ease pain:

Most ovarian cysts are harmless. They are formed during the menstrual phase and disappear at their whim. Our worry is pathological cysts – they can mess up with the system and could turn cancerous too. Listed below are some effective home remedies that have the magical power to ease off pain causedby cysts.

1. Heating pad:

Placing a hot water bag on your abdomen or pelvic area will immediately soothe the pain caused by ovarian cysts.

2. Castor oil:

Castor oil stimulates lymphatic and circulatory systems and is considered one of the most effective home remedies for ovarian cysts. Spread some castor oil on a flannel cloth and cover your abdomen with it. Put a towel over the oil soaked cloth and place a hot water bag over it. Make sure the heat reaches your abdomen. Follow this three times a week.

3. Chamomile tea:

The tea lover that I am, this remedyhelped me when I was in extreme pain. Sipping chamomile tea instantly reduces the pain, and its sedative properties help you relax. Chamomile tea also helps in regulating your menstrual cycle.

4. Beetroot:

Beetroot is rich in betacyanin that helps the liver flush out toxins and balance acidity. Regular consumption of beetroot can clear ovarian cysts and bring your system back to health.

5. Epsom salt:

This wonder salt is loaded with magnesium sulfate and works as a muscle relaxant to relieve pain. Add one cup of Epsom salt to your bathwater, and your body will thank you.

Natural remedies to prevent Ovarian cysts:

6. Bring down your estrogen levels:

Excess estrogen in the body leads to hormonal imbalances. This is the main reason for ovarian cysts. Cutting down on processed foods and soy products controls estrogen and prevents ovarian disorders. Including flax seeds in your diet also helps in prevention of cysts.

7. Healthy diet regime:

Adopting a healthy lifestyle by making small yet effective changes in your diet can prevent the occurrence of ovarian cysts. Stay away from excess sugar and dairy products. Include lots of green vegetables, fruits and whole grains in your daily diet. Bread and bakery is a strict no. Once you do this, cysts have no option but to leave.

8. Maintain weight:

Ask your dietician about your ideal weight and chalk out a plan to reach the desired number. Regular workout and yoga will boost your metabolism thereby keeping you away from the risk of ovarian cysts.

9. Drink enough water:

Drinking water is like oiling a sluggish machine to make it run better and faster. Make sure you drink enough water during the day to keep your system clean. A healthy body is your first step to the prevention of ovarian cysts and many other stomach related disorders.

Though it took some doing, I have managed to deal with my ovarian cysts issue like a boss! Basic lifestyle changes, healthy food habits, exercise and a calm mind will make sure your ovaries are happy and cyst-free.

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