I Became A Mother When I Was Ready: Farah Khan Pens Open Letter On Embracing Motherhood At 43 Through IVF

farahkhankunder / Instagram

It’s the year 2020, but society has not stopped telling women what they should and should not do. Every decision that a woman makes is judged by society. Especially when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood. As soon as a woman is married, the “when is the good news?” questions start coming her way. Not just from parents and in-laws but nosy relatives, neighbors, friends, and even colleagues. Some might say that it’s out of concern, but most of the time, it’s just unnecessary interference in a woman’s personal life. People think it’s somehow okay to comment on a woman’s personal choices about when she wants to be a mother.

Not only do they give her unsolicited advice, but they share their opinions, concerns, and judgments and bombard her with the nonsense of her “biological clock ticking”. The truth is that no woman should have a baby when she is not ready. Choosing to have a baby out of the sheer societal pressure is injustice done to the woman and her baby. One of Bollywood’s most famous filmmakers and choreographers, Farah Khan, opens up about her decision to embrace motherhood at 43 in an open letter.

farahkhankunder / Instagram

The film director and producer took to Instagram to share an open letter to all women. She starts the letter by saying that action speaks louder than words, and every action leads to a choice. Farah states that what we do with that choice is what makes us who we are. The Om Shanti Om director talks about the importance of being ready while embracing motherhood. She says that women can choose to be mothers in different ways, unlike the olden days, rather than the traditional way. She expresses that the advancement in science and technology made it possible for her to have a baby through IVF at her age. The 43-year-old Indian filmmaker says that she is glad that she chose to be a mother of three when she was ready and did not give in to society’s idea of the “appropriate age to conceive”.

Farah stated that she saw a television show called Story 9 Months Ki, with a bold statement. It says, “Agar pyaar ke bina shaadi ho Sakti hai, toh pati ke bina maa kyu nahi?”. The Main Hoon Na filmmaker says that seeing such progressive premises on television makes her happy. It gives her a sense of pride to witness the change that a woman’s choice is being acknowledged. She ends the letter by saying that motherhood is a woman’s call and, in her caption, asks people if they agree with her.

farahkhankunder / Instagram

Talking about her choices, Farah says that she has always listened to her gut, be it when it comes to her career or her family. Her words of wisdom are an inspiration to women everywhere who worry too much about log kya kahenge. She says, “We think about people’s judgments so much, we forget that it’s our life and our call”. Farah Khan is a proud mom of three children — Czar, Anya, and Diva, who are triplets. They are 12 years old and share a beautiful bond.

Farah Khan has been a prominent name in the entertainment industry. She has made over 40 films and been the face behind several blockbusters like Main Hoon Na, Kal Ho Na Ho, Student Of The Year, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and Om Shanti Om. She has also been a part of the judging panel of Indian Idol, Dance India Dance Super Moms, and Lip Sync Battle, among many others.

This all-rounder has broken barriers and made a mark of inspiration among several fans in India and abroad. We applaud Farah for taking a step towards writing this letter, which serves as support and encouragement to other women who are shackled by society’s norms!