6 Fascinating Facts About Spring Babies: You Could Have A Leader On Your Hands

Fascinating Facts About Spring Babies

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Having a baby is a beautiful feeling regardless of when they land into our lives. A mother would be equally ecstatic if the baby arrives on a hot summer noon, a cold winter morning, or even a stormy rainy night, isn’t it? But if you are expecting a baby in spring or you’ve had a baby in the season of beautiful blossoms, you have something to feel extra special about! Read on to know why babies born in spring are such a cut above the rest!

1. They Are Eternal Optimists

They Are Eternal Optimists

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According to Huffington Post, babies born in spring are more optimistic. This is because they mostly have a hyperthymic mindset which is an attribute associated with optimism. Being optimistic helps the person to achieve a sense of overall well-being by keeping the mood upbeat and building a strong immune system (1).

2. They Are More Prone To Heart Diseases

They Are More Prone To Heart Diseases

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Make sure you watch your baby’s heart health, especially if he or she is born in March. According to a report published in Huffington Post, a study performed by a bunch of data scientists at the coveted Columbia University found that people born in March are more prone to heart ailments such as heart failure or atrial fibrillation (2).

3. They Are Very Likely To Be Leaders

They Are Very Likely To Be Leaders

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Just as spring is the queen of all seasons, children born in this season rule at their workplace. An extensive research conducted by a group of experts by the University of British Columbia, Canada found via analysis from the data of over 375 CEO’s that most of them were born either in March or in April. This study has been reported in the Huffington Post. So, if you are a mother of a spring baby or ready to welcome one in spring, you have reasons to be more starry-eyed (3).

4. They Are Prone To Anorexia

They Are Prone To Anorexia

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While on the brighter side spring babies are very likely to be high on optimism and leadership qualities, higher risk of acquiring eating disorders lies on the darker side. According to an article published in Mail Online, spring babies are at a higher risk of having anorexia. A massive study conducted by the prestigious Oxford University concluded that the season a child is born in or conceived has a lot to do with the probability of the child falling prey to anorexia. The factors that can cause this can be many including virus, prenatal infections, level of sunshine and the expectant mother’s food regime (4).

5. They Are More Immune To Allergies

They Are More Immune To Allergies

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Fortunately, people born in spring are more immune to allergies and hence they are less likely to fall ill. According to a study conducted in England, researchers found out that there are certain DNA markers that are linked to the season of birth. Interestingly, these DNA markers have been found to steer the risk of allergy related issues. These markers were fewest in people born in the spring season according to the article published in LiveScience (5).

6. They Are Night Owls

They Are Night Owls

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People born in spring prefer to stay up till late in the night than their summer and winter counterparts. According to a study reported in NCBI, people born in spring and summer went to bed later than the people born in winter and fall. This questionnaire was a means to study the sleep pattern of about 5000 people (6).

All the mommies of spring babies out there or those looking forward to welcoming one in spring, you have more reasons to be happy! For sunshine seems to be beaming on you too. You know what we’re talking about when you see that tiny version of yourself open his/her eyes for the first time and looks at you. On this note, I wish you all a safe and happy entry into the fantastic world of motherhood ?

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