8 Fascinating Facts About Babies Born in December That Make Them Super Special

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December is a month of holiday cheer with hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, and cozy date nights at home. Besides invoking the holiday spirit in us, if you’re a mum who’s expecting to give birth to your little one in the month of December, you have all the more reason to rejoice. Kids born in this month are unique and special in their own way. Below we list down eight fascinating facts about babies born in December that make them super special:

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1. They Are Less Likely To Be Irritable

Yes, you heard that right! We are not making this up. According to a research published by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, people born in winter are less likely to have an irritable temperament when compared to people born at any other time of the year (1). It was also found that people born in summer were the most likely to be significantly moody than winter born people. So, if you’ve got a child who is particularly chill and calm, you owe it to December. Thanks to this trait of your child, they are most likely to get along with other kids and make friends and won’t fuss over every little thing, which can be a nightmare for parents.

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2. They Might Live Up To A Hundred

Every parent wishes for a long life for their baby. They want their babies to outlive them and live a long and healthy life. With December born infants, your wish will most likely come true. In a study by the Journal of Aging Research, which compared season of birth and exceptional longevity, it was found that babies born in the month of December had a higher chance of living up to 105+ years of age when compared to those born in June (2).

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3. December-Born Men Are Likely To Be Left-Handed

Researchers at the University of Vienna found that male babies born between the month of October to February are likely to be left-handed (3). Though the cause of this left-handedness is yet to be understood, it is definitely yet another finding that makes babies born in December super special.

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4. They Are Most Likely To Be The Youngest Lot In Their Class

It’s always fun to be a winter born child because you’re most likely to be the youngest in the class, because hello, the last month of the year. Though kids may not be interested in this fact during their early years of school, we are sure that they would love being a December-born as they get older.

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5. They Are Morning People

We are not sure whether it has to do with being born in a month where it gets pretty dark around 6:00 p.m., but people born in December are more likely to be early risers (4) (5). They may prefer going to bed early and waking up early — definitely a skill that most of us struggle with no matter how much we try. So, while the rest of us might be wasting our time being night owls, December-born people might actually be the ones utilizing their time efficiently and getting things done.

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6. Winter-Born Kids Are Fitter And More Athletic

According to a study published by the International Journal of Sports Medicine, kids born in the month of October and November are stronger, fitter, and faster than their counterparts, with December born children coming in third. The study revealed a significant link between the birth month of a child and their levels of muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, and ability to speed up, all of which are parameters that determine if someone could be good at sports (6). The findings definitely make us wonder about Olympic medalists Mckayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas from the Fierce Five, who are December-born.

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7. They Are Born During The Most Festive Time Of The Year

Their birth month is shared by a ton of Holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. So, there might be a chance that your little one might feel their birthday being overlooked because of the festive spirit. So, if you have a friend, cousin, or child whose birthday falls in December, make sure to make a big deal of their birthday and don’t make the mistake of wrapping their gifts in Christmas paper.

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8. They Share Their Birth Month With Several A-List Celebrities

Babies born in the month of December share their birth month with talented celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, Billie Eilish, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Denzel Washington.

Now that you know these amazing facts are December-born babies, you know what to look forward to. Did you have fun reading our article? Comment below and let us know.

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