“Life is beautiful, be grateful for what you have!"

Dhruval Shah

Dhruval and Salony met for the first time in 2008 through some common friends. They clicked in just the second meeting when they saw each other in an arranged marriage set up with families in 2013 and married in 2014. Soon after, Salony got pregnant and gave birth to their son, Arham, in 2015.

Single Dad, Double Love

On this Father’s Day, MomJunction celebrates dads who have been playing the role of both the father and mother and the dads who are fighting all odds in raising their children single-handedly.

In a four-part series, we bring you the real-life stories of such single fathers. These fathers have not only provided the best to their children but are also standing as examples.


Arham was just about two months old when Salony was diagnosed with acute dengue fever, and she passed away within three days. Dhruval dives back into the past as he recalls,“I was in a shock. Time was ticking, and I was stuck at a standstill. A few weeks after Salony left, I was still in disbelief when I just recalled a conversation I had with Salony when Arham was three days old.” 

She had said, ‘Dhruval, let’s be the kind of parents Arham does not regret having.’” The memory of this conversation triggered Dhruval, and it got him back on his feet to be ready to take charge of the situation.

Dhruval knew he needed to begin accepting that Salony is no more, and although he did not understand what needs to be done, he knew he needed to do it all for Arham. He has been a doting father from that day. From learning to change diapers, researching what formula suits his baby, and remembering the vaccine schedule to deciding on Arham’s playschool and attending his parent-teacher meetings, Dhruval has aced at it all.

I knew one thing. I did not want any sympathy. What has happened is very unfortunate. I lost the love of my life and the mother of my child, but I have a wonderfully supportive family and my son to be thankful for. Missing Salony is a part of me and my every day now, but I am not sad about life. I laugh, smile, watch and play sports with Arham. He is my best friend and companion. Life is beautiful with him around!” says Dhruval.

He adds that he is not Arham’s mother and is not even trying to be one. He is Arham’s dad and is trying to be the best version of himself – every day.

“If Arham reads this someday, I want him to know that I feel privileged to have a kind-hearted son like him. I owe him so much more than he will ever know; I am because he is.” says the proud father.

His mantra to keep life smooth and running — “Learn to ask for help because most times people are willing to help; we just need to be willing to ask for it. Don’t run away from the past. And don’t try to be the mother; be the best father that you can be.”


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