9 Virtual Ways To Make Father’s Day Special

It’s not unusual that there’s a lot of hype around Mother’s Day. Children, spouses, and others plan special activities for superhero moms to make their day memorable. But do we give the same importance to Father’s Day? Probably not! However, this time you could turn that around. Father’s Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June. It is a day dedicated to all the super dads to honor and commemorate fatherhood. This year, it is celebrated on June 20th, and we’ve got some solid ideas for you to give your old man the appreciation he deserves. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live with your father or if he’s away from you because we bring you seven virtual ways to make it a memorable day for your favorite man:

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1. Watch His Favorite Game

Watch His Favorite Game

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Your dad probably has a favorite sport that becomes his top priority when it’s aired on television. If it’s game season, get on a video call and watch the game with him. You might not like it, but a few hours spent with him watching his favorite game would mean the world to your dad. If the game isn’t airing, you could record his favorite game from the previous season and watch it together (no, it won’t bore him).

2. Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting

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If your dad has a deep appreciation for wine and knows his bottles well, you could send him a box of his favorite wine. Then, get on a conference call with all your siblings and have a wine tasting session. You could also include a delicious charcuterie board with your dad’s favorite meats, cheese, and fruits.

3. Build Something Together

Build Something Together

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If you know how to use tools, the credit probably goes to your dad. When you were little, you probably helped your old man by handing him the tools he needed while he fixed a table or worked on building a stool. It’s time to recreate that memory! Get on a virtual call and get moving for a small DIY project. You can send the materials to your dad via post in advance so he’ll be prepared.

4. Watch A “Fatherly” Movie

Watch A “Fatherly” Movie

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The whole family can come together and watch a movie that shows the characteristics of a father. Several films that show the relationship between a father and his child are also available on OTT platforms and the internet. So, order some pizza and get binging!

5. Beautify The Garden

Beautify The Garden

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If your dad loves getting his hands dirty, he’ll love this! Gift him a home-garden kit with a few saplings. There are plenty of options to choose from in the market, so you’ll have an array of choices available to you. Your dad will truly appreciate this present, especially if he’s a gardening buff and treats his plants like his children (or sometimes, even better).

6. Host A Game Night

Host A Game Night

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Who doesn’t love game nights? It’s fun, light, and enjoyable! Plus, you get to see who is a sore loser and a braggy winner. Gather your favorite cousins (and your not-so-favorite ones) and host a family game night with all the dads in your family. It could be a game of cards, board games, or even charades. Your father will love it, and if he doesn’t, just add some beer to the mix to turn things around *wink wink*.

7. A Quiz Party

A Quiz Party

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Quizzes are another virtual event that can be extremely fun provided the dads in your family are sportive. Prepare questions about the dads in your family, including uncles, grandfathers, and even your siblings who have kids. The questions can be fun, informative, and innovative. Now get on a virtual conference call with your whole family and ask the questions. For example, “Who’s most likely to feed their baby ice cream for dinner?” and see which of the dads get the most votes. You might even ruffle a few feathers, so be prepared.

8. Gift Him An Online Lesson

9 Virtual Ways To Make Father’s Day Special

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Your father might have a pastime hobby he likes to spend his time in. Chances are he learnt it himself or from online sources like YouTube in his free time. It could be the guitar or any other musical instrument, or a hobby like carpentry. How about gifting him access to a good quality paid online class in this field. He will be able to further hone his skill in the field. Besides, he will really appreciate the fact that you actually care about what he is indulging in

9. Send Him A Slideshow Video Of Old Photos

9 Virtual Ways To Make Father’s Day Special

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If your dad has old family photos of past days, chances are that those are neatly tucked in old physical photo albums. How about scanning some of the good photos and creating a nice little video slideshow. We’re sure that it will take him down memory lane to the good old days. Besides , getting to see his own photos and those of his family and friends on a computer screen would be exciting in its own way for your dad. We’re sure this gesture will really bring some zeal and excitement to your Pop’s life.

A paternal bond is one of a kind and deserves to be celebrated. If you’ve never celebrated Father’s Day, here’s your chance to start this year. With this list of virtual activities, you don’t have to be living with your dad to make it memorable for him. How do you plan on celebrating Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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