4 Fertility Myths That Won't Help You Get Pregnant

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Did you recently make the life-changing decision to have a baby? Are you worried day and night, reading up on all the ways that can help you get pregnant faster?

This does not come as a surprise since it becomes really hard to wait once you have made the “big” decision. While you might find a lot of information out there to help you with fertility, not all of them are true. There are plenty of myths when it comes to pregnancy and fertility. But, as the desire to have a baby grows, it becomes difficult not to listen to the things being said around you. So, it becomes important to understand what is true and what is a misconception. Don’t worry. We, at MomJunction, have got your back. Here, we bring you some of these “fertility myths” that you can choose to ignore:

1. If You Have Been On Birth Control For Long, It Might Delay Your Pregnancy

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Yes, it might take a little bit of time to get your monthly cycle back on track after you get off the birth control pills. But, there are discussions about how it is a long wait if you have ever been on birth control. Don’t worry, it won’t take as long as you might have probably heard. In fact, there are studies that state the exact opposite. Some studies suggest that women who have been on birth control for quite some time might find it easier to become pregnant as soon as they are off the pills (1). So, ignore the noise about the birth control and keep trying. You might get lucky sooner than you would imagine.

2. There Are Only A Few Positions That Work

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You might have been really elated about rekindling the romance with your better half during this phase. You might have made plans, thinking of various ways in which you can keep the excitement alive. But then, someone spoiled the fun by telling you how you should indulge only in a particular lovemaking position if you want to hear the good news soon. But, don’t let this dishearten you as there is no truth to it. As long as the sperm gets to meet the egg, you will get pregnant no matter which lovemaking position you indulge in.

3. You Need The ‘Big O’ To Get Pregnant

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This is as true as the ridiculous claim that the earth is flat. If there was any truth to this whatsoever, there would have been way fewer kids in this world. Or maybe, humans would have already been extinct. The only correlation between the two is perhaps how women who get the ‘big O’ are more likely to indulge in lovemaking. And, thus, have better chances of becoming pregnant.

4. 35 Is The Upper Limit

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There has always been this constant conjecture around whether or not women can become pregnant after the age of 35. Many people say that if you are over 35, your biological clock is ticking and you might as well bid adieu to your dream of having a child. Don’t you worry, this is just another myth. If you don’t believe us, just look at the long list of celebs who have successfully gone through childbirth after hitting 35, be it Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Rani Mukherjee.

There is no dearth of information out there. And, it is true, even when it comes to fertility. But, it is absolutely essential to make sure that you are able to distinguish the myth from the reality. All these myths would only cause you unnecessary stress.

Don’t worry, all your dreams are soon going to come true. And, you will have a wonderful, little baby to hold in your arms. Just stay optimistic and keep working towards your goal. All the very best, ladies!

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